Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Know Your Poor When

1.) The pheasant you hit with a car becomes that nights dinner.

2.)You have to choose between heat or food.

3.) You have a car but bike to work because you can not afford the gas to  drive.

4.) Your car is never more than a $1,000 car.

5.) People assume you are stupid and seem surprised to find out you are not even close to stupid.

6.) You can figure out a meal based off of flour, rice, green beans and some spices.

7.) You have Oreo Poker nights as fun entertainment

8.) You consider coupons a waste of money.

9.) You go to the feed store for carrots, oats and wheat

10.) Your kids get excited when you tell them you are going to Goodwill

11.) You are wealthy by your mothers standards.

12.) You have no clue what a Non re loadable card means and the fact it can only be used once PERIOD

13.) You know just how long you can rotate bills before getting a shut off notice

14.) You can not afford SPAM and have to go GENERIC

15.) You act like you just won the lotto if you find a $5 bill on the road

16.) You actually contemplate setting a trap in your yard just to have meat that month.

17,) The only thing you purchase worth anything is a large tent just so you have shelter if you become homeless.

18.) You go without to ensure your kids eat.

19.) You are grateful just to have a job no matter how crap the pay is or the job itself is.

20.) Your stove IS the heat source.

21.) The highlight of every ones week is a trip to the grocery store.

22.) You wear sweat pants under your jeans when you lose weight because you can not afford a belt or a new pair of jeans.

23.) You save stuffing from your old couch so your daughter can sew her own stuffed animals.

24.) You downsize to the trunk of your car because you can not afford a trailer or moving truck and get to your new place with less than a $100 in your pocket.

25.) You learn healing herbs and home remedies because it is free medical care.

26.) The library is a free education.

27.) You watch Survivor and know you could WIN that show!

28.) You open your wine with a screw and pair of pliers, it is cheaper than buying a wine opener!

29.) You think you really should of married a dentist for free dental care as it is the only way you could ever get your teeth fixed.

30.) You watch the neighbors as your source of television.

Got any you can add to this?


  1. These were great, but it makes me a bit sad to know that there are lots of people who do live this way.

    1. LOL I am guilty by all but #9 and 11.

      Don't be sad, we have learned to laugh at many silly things in our day to day life while we work hard to improve and change it around. It is the hand we have to play and we play it well :)

      We especially laugh at the "We can not afford Spam" one, it is actually a big joke in our house!

  2. #23 - my family used to repurpose stuffing all the time. Makes great pillows!

    I've done many of the things on this list at one point or another. I may have been poor, but I was certainly not unhappy. And in the end, or at least as of now, things have turned out fine.