Saturday, September 19, 2015

Show us a HOME Oregon!

Oregon seems to be quite painful when it comes to finding a place to live, it seems to be the number one state that everyone is moving to. This is causing too many people ( many homeless) to try to find too few of affordable rentals. The people out number housing available.

For us, this seems to be further complicated through my need to be close to cancer treatment and not have to travel long distance on unsafe rainy season roads that cause rock slides. We have that now, we are only 6 miles from treatment whether that be chemotherapy or radiation or even scans. But it can be really hard to find affordable places to live in this area, especially when a dog is added. Most of what seems affordable is along the coast which I would LOVE to be able to walk along the beach everyday picking up shells and sand dollars, whale watching, seeing crabs and seals.........But this would put me anywhere from 2 to 4 hours from treatment in good weather. Come winter, the rainy season, we may be looking at snow in mountains , closed roads in winter and flooding / rock slides in other areas.  One of the hospitals on the coast, has so many bad reviews, I would not go there to die!

Then there is my lovely niece in Northern California with her husband and son that I do not want to move much further away! I love being able to see them when we all can get together!

We have been saving for a place to call home and I have been looking daily on craigslist so I am hoping it is just a matter of time. No, I KNOW it is just a matter of time before we can find something suitable to call home.

While I love dearly the people who have put a studio roof over our heads, we never intended on it being for so long. Also it is just easier to be US in our own place.

Sigh, Oregon home dreaming


Oregon home MANIFESTING!

I am positive the one right for us will come when the time is right to do so!

Have a fantastic, fabulicious weekend!

Carrie Hetu

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