Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Staying at a Low Paying Job

                                                         "Supporting Hubby's Bald Head"

Sometimes staying at a low paying job is worth the consequences and after weighing the options, one continues on in such a job. We are at this point.

Some days, on my good days I wonder...... am I good enough to go back to work? I seriously consider it and think of what jobs in our area are available for the afternoon shifts. This is the shift I would be able to work with only having one vehicle..... a shift that would ensure me and hubby working alternating shifts and only seeing each other in passing. Yet every time I even THINK about such a feat...... I get a reality check with a chemo crash lasting anywhere from 2 to 5 days. Or I even get a bad month like pretty much all of JUNE that tells me NOPE not even close to being ready for the work force yet!

On another note hubby has revealed to me his desire to look for a better paying job and we have discussed this in great length. It almost puts us in a catch 22 situation where it boils down to right now, we are stuck with what we have.

Yes his job at the moment is low paying, he has made raises in the 3 years he has been there that brings us to just .25 cents above minimum  wage. Yet because he has been there for the length he has been there and because he is a very hard working dependable employee they look at him as family. This gives him the freedom to get whatever days off he needs to take  me to treatments and also no worries for last minute notices of not being able to work for my emergency room visits.

They are very aware with what we are going through as a family and they freely give him the flexibility we need right now.

A new job may pay better, but would most likely not offer that kind of flexibility as a new employee that has to prove himself yet as a loyal and dedicated worker. If we lived within walking distance from the hospital, it would be a different story , but we don't it is a nice little drive and hubby makes sure he takes me just in case I have a reaction to the chemo and can get back home.

So far now we continue on for it is what it is and we are very thankful his job has been so generous and kind to us and giving us what we need to get the treatments as we need them and as they change throughout all this time. Hubby is even now in a competition and if he continues winning....they have even offered to take me to chemo for him so he can go to the main event if he gets that far in the competition!

Sometimes the benefits that go beyond the paycheck, makes it worth staying put. :)