Thursday, July 11, 2013

Not Much New Happening!

There has not been a whole lot to report on my end, sometimes one thing about being  frugal is that things can get downright pretty mundane!

We have simplified dinners to where each family member shops for their own food. They each get $50 to buy 2 weeks worth of  food at a time. They buy it,  they prepare it.... this goes on Monday through Friday which is a reason I have  not been posting any new  recipes lately....... I have  not been cooking! Saturday and Sunday I provide them with free meals either by cooking something simple or sometimes on a bad health day I cheat and order pizza or something like  that.

We did take the family out to the theatre not too long ago to watch World War Z, this is the second time this year we were able to enjoy this pleasure after not being in a theatre in  around 7 years so has been really nice.

We were also able to stop in at a cider mill with our daughter not too long ago after a chemo session. That was a new oh so wonderful activity for us! I bought some rhubarb jelly and yummy apple bread from their bakery!

Pretty much our days are filled with just hanging out at the house, going  to chemo, going to get blood work for chemo done and our bi-weekly grocery shopping. This is due to right  now ALL our extra money that comes in has been being used up in all the gas it takes  to get me  to my treatments.

Gas for our truck most months are equaling or coming very close to what our monthly RENT is! YIKES that  is a lot of gas BUT still pretty much staying on budget. It is making saving for our next propane fill up a little scary but I know it will work out. I don't have to start really worrying too much about that just yet so am hoping I can save my butt off in July for what we will need.

On another note it can be hard to think of what to write when each day is pretty much the same! We are living by the budget that is posted here  and using all extra income that comes in for Gas for the Truck. Even though I had envelopes I wanted  to fund, at the moment is not happening due to how much these hospital trips are costing us. BUT that  means I am still making all my needed trips and working in getting HEALTHY again! So  it is all good baby!

We just had my 45 birthday where last year the theme was 44 and still poor so this year was 45 Staying Alive!

Me and hubby have our 14 anniversary coming up this month!

And that is about all the news at my home!

Any plans for July? Share in the comments!


  1. Happy Birthday!! An many many more :)

  2. Happy Birthday and Anniversary. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed you special days! I have a question about your families individual shopping. What is the most interesting or surprising thing your children have purchased? Have they or you learned anything new about each other? This is such a neat idea. I am thinking of doing this with our oldest next grocery trip. My hopes are she will understand why I tend to freak out a bit when the fresh fruit is gone within the first 24-48 hours of purchase. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that they love fresh fruit and veggies but with limited ability to go town and the price of produce, I will have to stop at the bank for a small loan to buy produce ;) Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. We don't care what you post, just post! We care about you and how you are doing!

    ~ Christie

  4. If you haven't already, check out the different cancer organizations, they may be able to provide you with financial aid for your medical costs, including gas expenses. Three years ago, my father was treated for leukemia, had chemo and radiation treatments, many trips to the hospital and a stint in a rehab facility. Medicare paid a good portion but the leukemia society awarded him a grant for $5000 in financial aid. this helped pay for many of the expenses. My parents were also able to claim the gas and mileage expenses to/from dr. and hospital on their federal taxes.