Monday, September 17, 2012

$45 Grocery List for the Food Stamp/Snap Challenge Day 1

Gallon of Whole Milk                                    $2.49
2 lbs Margerine                                              $1.40     ( .69 a piece)
2  Doz medium eggs                                      $2.00

2.5 lb bag of boneless skinless chicken breasts              $5.98

1 loaf white bread                                                           $1.25  ( would of been wheat w/o corn syrup if had $$)

5 lb bag of white flour                                                  $1.94  ( would of been whole wheat if had $$)
5 lb white Sugar                                                           $ 2.98
5 lb Corn Meal                                                            $2.98
box saltine crackers                                                     $1.68
2 cans bean sprouts                                                      $2.44
Coconut milk  (store brand generic)                          $ 1.48
2lb bag Black Beans                                                   $2.48
Brown Rice                                                               $1.38
Small can Coffee                                                      $1.88

Large tin of Old Fashioned oats                                 $2.48


1 large tuber Ginger Root    .57 lb                              $1.44         $2.48 a pound
4 lemons                                                                     $2.16          .54 a piece
2 Pineapples                                                               $4.40           $2.20 a piece
3# yellow onions                                                       $1.88
Carrots                                                                      $1.24

NOTES: This list ended up costing me $45 rather than the $30 I really could fit in so it is $15 over budget for the week but hey really I think it is a great list to feed 5 people for a week! Lets see how it goes!

This is the items I will be working off of for this week though with two exceptions.

I have a whole gallon of molasses I bought months ago and will use that as my one item I had on stock. Even if you figure the cost of that in at the $9.98 I paid for the whole gallon would bring me to a $55 for the week which is still less than the $140 I was allowed for this challenge! NOT BAD

Also I have a jar of yeast on hand I will be using