Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snap/Food Stamp Challenge Day 2

So today is day 2 of the challenge, and this week for us is being done on the $45 that we had for the week. Many suggest menu planning is a key in keep to your budget but for me  this really does not work, or at least all the times I have tried. Menu planning always seems to double or triple what I actually have in the budget. I can not menu plan based off of what we already have because come shopping day, I don't have but a couple items left! ( although this is improving as I slowly, slowly build up our pantry)

Also cooking is a very creative process for me, many of my recipes are my own that I simply whip up at the last minute, many recipes only get made once and never again to be repeated due to my families love for variety and trying new dishes.  For us, I figure ahead of time what I really can afford to shop with such as $100 or whatever after rent and bills are factored in.  Then I go to the store with the Cash and I shop according to what I see on sale along with following my tastebuds of what items I wish to work with. Ideas for recipes flow through my head as I shop and sometimes I toss ideas away when I calculate the cost of a meal, or adjust it to be more economical.

My $45 list this week is actually a very unusual one for me picking items I don't typically work with. Pinapple and coconut milk can make a woderful Thai Chicken but hubby hates sweet meats and meals although the rest of us like them LOL so i have really had to think about how I want to use these items!

Anyways yesterday we had

Breakfast- Cornbread ( my kids love cornbread for breakfast!)  Dog had oatmeal with her brewers yeast and codliver tablets in it.  ( me and hubby do not have breakfast so just teenage son, youngest daughter and adult daughter)

Lunch- Oatmeal/Carrot Spiced muffins  ( I made 2  13 x 9 pans full so they would last more than one meal          Dog had oatmeal with cooked egg and dandelion greens  I also had a cup of giner/lemon tea          all I do is cut a slice of ginger root, add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and add boiling water, letting it sit for about 10 minutes....delicous!

Dinner I juiced a carrot and drank that.

            We had a simply stir fry with chicken, rice, onions and seasonings along with sliced tomato's from the garden.....since I have to use them or they spoil I am using them this week!  If no tomato's, I simply would of grated carrot into the stir fry.  

Dog had brown rice, cooked egg and carrot meal

Today we are having:

Breakfast- Oatmeal/Carrot Spiced muffins       Dog had her morning oatmeal with cod liver and brewers yeast.

Lunch tomato sandwiches   simply toasted bread, tomato slices and mayo! ginger lemon tea and Dog had left over rice from last night with cooked egg and carrots

Dinner- Black Bean burgers served over homemade bread, sliced buttered and then toasted in oven, freshly sliced tomato's and sauteed onions.  Dog got her chicken stew I made for her with chicken breast, brown rice and green beans ( was able to salvage enough of the end of the green beans from the garden.

I will be getting the recipes up for the muffins and the black bean burgers!