About Me

 Pre-Cancer Diagnosis 2012

Chemo 2013

 After 8 months of Chemo , then 9 months on pill Tamoxifen, and dentures! summer 2014

Hi, I am Carrie,  I started this blog in November 2011 as we struggled with low income while trying to reach higher goals and increase income for our family of 5.

In 2013 we are currently a family of 4, I have been diagnosed and fighting Stage IV Breast cancer and continue homeschooling, while hubby works for a low wage, barely above minimum wage job while I am on chemo.

This blog, while starting out as our financial journey is undergoing a process of being condensed with all my other blogs to simplify things for me and my readers in order to have just one blog to worry about.

So within  this blog we will talk about frugality, finances, low wages, as well as homeschooling, healthy living, my battle with cancer and our dream to ride across America on Horseback in 2016! Of course I am sure I will also be sharing just random thoughts and happenings as well!

If you would like to contact me personally please email me at frazzledhetumom@hotmail.com

Joy Begins with Gratitude,


UPDATE: MAY 1, 2014

On my home page you will find the tabs along the top that will take you to my other blogs, some are new and needing work, others are established with lots to read , all have been neglected this past year. I hope to remedy that soon and get back on a regular posting schedule for all. It was easier for me to just create the pages linking directly to the other blogs that trying to condense it all into one, which linking technically does squeeze it all together and all accessible through one main blog!

We have replaced the trip Across America on Horseback with a move to Hawaii. After speaking with our oncologist several times, the horse trip just is not a wise decision nor very doable due to how often I need to see a cancer team and not just different teams, I would need a BASE team. It became obvious, we needed a new dream. Hawaii is that new big dream for us!

I also want to thank all my readers for continuing to follow me, read and be oh so patient with the infrequency of my blog posts. You have no idea how much your support has helped through my healing journey and I feel oh so blessed to have such a wonderful group of support. You are all so amazing and I am grateful for each and every one of you!

As always, Joy begins with Gratitude,

Update: August 13, 2014

Still neglecting regular posting of blogs..... so sorry, I really am trying but there is so much I am behind in, I struggle to stay caught up on much of anything. I am feeling GREAT however and getting back into a groove-unfortunately may be short lived. I only have 6 small pea sized tumors on my liver left and that is all still responding to medicine. However one golf ball sized NEW tumor showed up out of nowhere and when I went in for a needle biopsy the doctor said it would be suicide and he could not get it without collapsing a lung! I go meet with a special liver surgeon today as now the plan will be to lay me open and cut that part of my liver completely out. I am looking at up to 7 days in the hospital with a 6 week recovery time!

I just hit my 19 months survivor date as well as our 19 months before leaving Michigan date!

Hawaii is still on the table but we also have a few other ideas we are contemplating. If it seems we are indecisive and frequently changing plans- well it is because we are!  This cancer journey has shown us it is so unpredictable, it i hard to make concrete plans for a year and a half down the road! Hawaii makes me really nervous too as it would require me hopping on a plane from the Big Island anytime I needed treatment at the cancer facility in Oahu.

The other ideas we are considering are living and traveling by van for awhile to figure out where we may like to live and set roots down,  Starting an intentional community with dear friends in Oregon or Washington state , or a very tempting move to Ecuador known for its healing qualities, good medical and decent cost of living. I am thinking if we choose one of these other ideas, we will at least go visit and spend some time in Hawaii for a little bit before heading off to do the other ideas :)

For now, I continue to fight to survive and be in the 1% long term survivor curve!

Thank you for continuing to follow my story! I have so much gratitude for my readers and online connections!

Update: August 12, 2015

Wow, how a year changes everything!  We moved to Oregon and arrived in early December 2014 not knowing whether new treatment for liver tumor we had nicknamed Hilda was working or not. By the time insurance went through, my liver was once again in shut down status and the pain was excruciating. Hubby has not worked since leaving Michigan as it became a full time job basically to take care of me especially when a silent killer of a brain tumor reduced me to a bumbling idiot un-capable of filling out forms or speaking.

Horse back riding across America, Hawaii and even Ecuador was taken off the Agenda as it just is not possible under cancer care.

We are poorer than ever, and staying at a friends in a tiny studio while we search for a place, but with poor credit and 2 dogs, even with a note from oncologist about therapy dogs being beneficial to me, it is not looking good. It really is not a dog friendly area especially for low income housing where there is a 12 to 18 month wait.

But if I can keep defying death, I do have a plan to rise us up out of poverty which I will share at a later date!

Co-housing turned out not to be for us, guess I am too independent after all and me and my daughters intense personalities seem to intimidate others :)

All in all though , life is amazing and Oregon is one of the most beautiful states I have been blessed to experience! You will find no complaints here and if you have found I have removed you from our lives it is because I truly need calm and peace for my healing journey and really is nothing personal.

Thank you all to those that have been following or partaking in my journey to wellness! Love you all!

Carrie Hetu