Monday, September 23, 2013

Blogs from Those on Low Income

I was asked yesterday about whether I knew of other blogs out there other than mine here, from people living on low income and doing okay. So I checked the few I knew about and found they had either taken a turn for the worse and removed their blogs or simply quit writing. There never was many however this left me in surprise with mine being pretty much the only one I am aware of putting me into a financial writing league all my own.

There are tons of financial blogs out there sure, even ones living on less, minimalists, those making a lot of money but living on little. There are those who make good money but are frugal in order to pay off high debts. There are those making awesome money that don't believe in being frugal, but rather making more money.  Several blogs about living pay check to pay check which is a tad over 75% of Americans now so no surprise there.

When I discovered the few I knew no longer existed, I went on a search and still really turned up nothing. I seem to be the only one ( although I know this can not be true) blogging about living as a family on a very low income doing okay, maybe not great, but certainly okay!

There could be several reasons for this:

A) Most on our wages are NOT doing okay and have not learned how to live within the tight constraints of this type of income.

B.) A sense of Shame, many have a feeling of shame when it comes to poverty wages and who would want to write about something they feel ashamed about? This is a sad truth for many, although there is NO shame in poverty wages, many can not help but feel that way.... I blame in part for how the politicians have made society believe about us, and the whole illusion of the American Dream that makes many always feel a lack in their life if they are not obtaining that dream.

C.) They  do not know how to start a blog and lack the skills to blog in our modern technology of electronics, because they can not really afford a whole lot in this area!

D.) Many especially in rural areas just don't have access to the internet at all!

E.) Many in this income bracket have such a high stress over finances and are struggling to the point they feel isolated, alone and that they have nothing to share.

I am sure there are other reasons as well that I am not mentioning but what ever the case this truly saddens me. We are at a point where so many Americans are still struggling, that have not bounced back from 2008, that are desperate and that could really benefit from others writing about living and raising a family on low wages.

The more people share, the more others can learn from and find their happiness no matter what their wages are. If nothing else, ease their stress levels and learn to live a little more comfortably! We need more writers and bloggers talking about how we make it and be willing to go to extremes in order to make it work, while we try to improve our lot, yet happiness and joy being our goals.

Now I know a lot with decent incomes read my blog and I am very grateful that I inspire the higher income groups as well. But I just think it would be nice, if there were others out there writing about raising a family with income under the poverty line.

Do you know of any others out there besides mine? Please share the links in the comments below!