Sunday, September 29, 2013

My October To Do's

 October To Do List
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1.) Go No Poo ( shampoo)
2.) Give up T.P. for washable cloth  ( only me and only pee)
3.) Winterize Home
4.) Make Granola Cereal
5.) Make Hot Chocolate Mix
6.) Make Sugarless Strawberry Jam
7.) Menu Plan
8.) Have 4 Family Financial Meetings
9.) Make Crockpot Yogurt
10.) Make Mayonnaise
11.) Make Almond Butter
12.) Make Toaster Pastries
13.) Make Quick Breads (banana and pumpkin)
14.) Make Ketchup
15.) Make Laundry Soap
16.) Earn an extra $100
17.) Winterize Garden Beds
18.) De-clutter and De-own all items in house that are not necessary
19.) Catch our bills up
20.) Get propane delivery
21.) Plan Halloween Fun Night
22.) Plan Thanksgiving Meal
23.) Work on Homemade Christmas Items
24.) Purchase 1 to 3 Christmas Presents
25.) Spend $250 on Food for the Month and Use the other $250 for prepper food storage

And there you have it, sounds like I am pretty gun ho about getting back in the saddle from the looks of this list but I know I can do it! One of my major goals for October is my heading towards the minimalist lifestyle, to get my belongings to fit into a duffle bag............ not something I expect my family to follow me on but for me, that is MY goal!

While I am usually frugal by nature, I always see room for growth and developing new skills in order to improve these skills. There seems to be layers of comfort, and each time you get to a level you become comfortable with, it can be a fun time to try to stretch those comfort levels!

Contrary to what many believe, we are quite comfortable in daily life, we lack for nothing, our needs are met and the things we value most are always in the forefront. Since material items, wages, income and things do not define our status in society for us, we follow our drum of values, which for us are connected meaningful relationships, celebrating the abundance of the earth on a daily basis, the miracle of life, and following joy.

So coming back into the scene and brushing myself off after being knocked down this year, I am back stretching those very levels of comfort in order to reduce costs, yet again as much as I possibly can.

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