Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stepping through the Door of Amazing and Good Things Coming Our Way!

I can not tell you how happy I am AUGUST is over and we are onto a new month that started on the first day of a new week! Fresh slate, new beginnings, shaking off August and opening our arms, hearts and souls up to all the amazing wonders and good things the universe showers down upon us!

August was a big vortex, stored up negativity it seemed that the universe stored up the whole 18 months it felt sorry for me and gave me a break. Then peeked down and saw me feeling better and getting strong again and decided to open the chute and let it all fall down on my shoulders all at once! Of course that is at least how it felt! Crazy, crazy , crazy pile up of.......... doggie doo! I could not be happier to see August finally come to an end.

We by no means are out of the woods, BUT I am shaking it off and marching forward putting that happy back in my step! I don't get bitter when things go wrong, I may get worried, stressed out and fearful but I don't get angry and bitter. To me that leads to all sorts of negative feelings of guilt, resentment, jealousy, hate, blaming others.......and nothing good comes of it. Rather I allow myself to be overwhelmed for a little bit, and feel the fear or stress but I know these are short lived because then I can shake it off and say fine........these feelings are because I am too emotionally involved and I am focusing on the problems way too close. Shake it off, get back to my happy place and start focusing on solutions and action plans.

This is my way of being pro-active always keeping control of the fact I always have choices and refuse to play the victim role that tends to get played when you allow yourself to get bitter and resentful. No matter what, there will always be choices and our life and everything it contains either material or emotion is choice. Now THAT is empowering!

I have received a few donations to which I am eternally grateful for (you all know who you are, so much love your way!) and am still working on de-owning and selling things off to come up with what we are short on and need within the next 2 weeks. This has been slow going as I am not recovering from my liver section biopsy surgery as well as I should be....... how awful that was is for a post over at my wholistic living blog! YIKES is all I am gonna say here!

As of yesterday Minimum wage got it's first hike to $8.15 an hour so that is all good, nothing like a 60 cent raise to boost your pay a little!  It is suppose to go to 9.25 an hour but Michigan comes in at the bottom being the slowest pay climb EVAH out of all the other states doing it in incremental increases.  2018 is how long we have to wait for it to reach that 9.25 an hour! Way to go Michigan! Luckily we have plans to be LONG gone by then, leaving Michigan behind forever! Woot Woot!

We have a homeschool camp out coming up in a few days hosted in our yard for several families and dear friends that will be here a whole week. They have gone above and beyond to make this happen ( kind of combining it as my staying alive party too!) One is having a birthday during that time too. Lots of fun to be had and my husband will be taking a much needed vacation for the week too ( that was put in for before all the bad dumped on us while it may pinch money wise, between work and my doctor visits, he really, really needs this!)

There is nothing like a great group of friends, having a great time around a bonfire and pitching tents in the country air to turn things back to the positive!

There is a quote ( can not remember by who) that says "You don't attract what you want, you attract what you are!"  

Perfect....... I am ready for good things! Lets ROCK THIS!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Minimum Wage Increase, New Bills = New Budget!

Michigan's minimum wage is being increased in several phases until it reaches it's full potential of $9.26 or so an hour by the year 2018.  Starting next month this first increase will bring it from the $7.40 an hour and raise it to $8.15 an hour. This is great news actually for us as the employer hubby works for, never really raises the income of anyone......raises are tiny and far and few between!  Now normally I would not do a life inflation increase but really our budget needs this increase just for the survival budget due to recent added expenses.  This will give hubby approximately $540 take home pay every 2 weeks for a total of $1080 a month plus our additional $280 a month in child support I receive. A Grand total of $1360 a month.... no food stamps, but we will still have medicaid.

Before I get into the new budget I would like to take a moment to thank a reader for their recent donation... you know who you are and I am extremely grateful for your generous act of kindness!   I also was able to sell our egg incubator yesterday.... these extras going to make up for loss of wages for hubby being too ill to go to work for 3 days recently!  I also plan to continue selling items as I can to speed up decluttering our home and preparing to leave Michigan in 19 months! Woot can not wait!

Now on to the Budget........ I know you want to know how exactly we plan to pull all this off! So I will not keep you waiting any longer here it is!

Budget to finish out the year 2014

From hubby's pay checks and income of $1080 a month

Rent                 $475
Car payment     $185
Phone/online      $ 60
Electric              $ 50
Car Insurance    $105
Propane             $ 75
X-box live          $20
Netflix                $9
Gas for van          $100

From the $280 Child Support  

Food                      $180
Emergency fund      $100

Now this falls short on a couple like phone, electric and propane but it is still continuing to pay...... phone and electric will be perpetually falling behind but then can be caught up with either extra cash made ( preferable method )  or tax refund. 

Propane we will need to earn extra money or well....... yeah. We need to raise extra cash no exceptions!

Now for clothes, moving costs, and extra things we need or a little bit of entertainment ....... we will find alternative methods for.

As far as holidays, well we have never put a big emphasis on holidays anyways so we will either not celebrate them or use extra money or alternative methods such as swagbucks or what ever. It is not uncommon for the kids to wait until tax refund time to go get a couple things they wanted for the holidays but we did not have the money at that time.  

We look for ways all through the year to create special days when the opportunity arises, not when a calendar and advertisements tell us to do so, and it has worked just fine for us!

So there you have it, our new survival budget in place! :) Whew I feel so much better seeing it all written down!

How does your budgeting fair? Do budgets work for you? If not, what method does? 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW we can!

We ended up having to replace our Bronco, and upgraded hubby to a Soccer Mom driving a Minivan! Much better mileage than the Bronco but also means once again we had to take on car payments that I was really trying not to have to do again.  This will make things even tighter for us but not too bad overall where payments are $185 a month for 16 months.  We may just pay that off when our tax refund comes but will have to see.  She is high in miles but was a good price and running in really good condition so we are hopeful she will last as long as we need her too! Yes The Bronco was Bob, our minivan is now known as Annie!

So far this month I have managed to only spend $130 on groceries which includes dog food, feminine products and toilet paper. This has been working out fine for now as I have been combining it with what we had already in our pantry/ and freezers.  I also entertained visiting family one day which fed 8 people and made a dish to pass for our potluck family reunion!

When my family visited, including my oldest brother I have not seen in 15 years, I made limed chicken lettuce wraps ( limed chicken, fresh diced tomatoes and grated cheese wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves) corn on the cob, cucumber salad and fresh cut cucumbers.  For dessert I made a totally healthy raw foods, mango/kiwi with coconut cream and raspberry frosting in a walnut crust!  There was plenty of limed chicken left so yesterday I heated it up and added taco seasoning to it, then made these into tortillas with taco sauce along with freshly cut tomatoes and cut up romaine lettuce. We still had a whole pie left too so had that for dessert. Today will be black bean tortillas with tomato, shredded cheese and romaine lettuce on multi grain tortillas.

As you can see, even with a tight budget, we have been eating quite well, and very delicious foods!

I really need to sit down and come up with a new budget, maybe tonight, or if not perhaps tomorrow. I know I can not play around and it is highly important I get one in place as every penny counts right now. Hubby just lost 3 days of work from a combination of getting sick, then in a coughing fit threw his back out, so this has me posting things and trying to sell off a few things to make up for that loss and hopefully I can sell enough before I go in for surgery next week!

So yeah there you go it is a combination of what we need to do of lowering expenses, increasing income, creating a working budget and establishing a growing savings in preparation of leaving Michigan in 19 or so months! I know this is going to take some real hard work and effort, but I also know if I commit to it, we can do it!

August hit us, and hit us hard but we are still standing and will march on filled with gratitude for this opportunity to expand, grow and continue building character.

How has your August been going?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Getting Off Snap!

So after being on Snap ( food stamps) for 18 months we are off of them once again and I am hoping we are making the right decision.  This is making August extremely tight for us because of course right after we made the decision not to renew the Snap, all sorts of bad news of changes came in. As I told hubby though, we made it for 15 years without state assistance, we can do it again........as long as my health holds out as I am feeling better than I have in YEARS.  But that is about to change as I have an alien tumor baby throwing us into a big surprise, baffling all....... the only way to get to it is through a liver resection operation to cut it out of my liver to biopsy it. A needle biopsy proved to be suicidal so he wouldn't do it so they will open me up instead. This will put me down for about 6 weeks and I seem to be the only one good at purchasing and preparing food on an extremely tight budget! I need to come up with a plan, before surgery to carry us through the 6 weeks. I am actually excited to be off Snap again even if it means a raised level of stress again as I have to be so much more creative and conscious of spending on food.

So far, the last 2 weeks we have had $20 for the week for food, and this is okay for now, as I have some pantry items pulling us through and I am getting creative in the kitchen to stretch every thing.  Last night we had sauteed onions and garlic with curry powder in it, corn on the cob ( which I cut my corn off to mix the onions in with it deleting the need for butter or salt.....delicious!) and I made a strawberry/blueberry protein smoothie with coconut milk. My son had a handful of walnuts to go with it and my daughter only likes the smoothie out of that so she got her last can of clam chowder.  Tonight I made Chorizo sausage goulash with pasta, Chorizo, sauteed onions, mixed veggies ( carrots, green beans, broccoli and mushrooms) and added a little Ketchup in with it...... the guys said it was awesome ( I will eat some later as I am not hungry at the moment.)

We have a truck repair in desperate need, and more gas money for further travel as anything to do with my liver is a 60 mile drive to a hospital farther away.  We may decide to not do the truck repair and actually replace it with something else as it is rigged at the moment where I can not drive it ( for like a year now?) I just don't have the strength to do it, how it is rigged. But we will see as we really can not afford payments right now.

Hubby's hours and shifts are all over the place but midnight's is winding to an end as summer comes to a close as it seems they plan on only being open 24 hours for summer only. 24 hours is a new thing altogether for them so I think they are still trying to figure it out as a continuing thing or not. This is fine as hubby has been having a hard time with midnight's, he just can't get the sleep he needs so is always exhausted. We were hoping it would be a good thing....it wasn't! Poor guy! He will be going to closing shifts which he says will still keep more of the 40 hour weeks he got on midnight's. Opening shift seems to get hours cut a lot so I was a little worried and hope he is telling the truth!

The amount for food will increase as will the state wide minimum wage raise that is coming up in September so things should improve immensely next month! We just got to slide through August which we will, we always do!  I have some things on simmer for income generating but waiting to consult with liver surgeon specialist Wednesday before trying to firmly set goals as of yet.  Out of everything that has me the most nervous and I will be writing all about it over on my Whole-istic Living Blog!

Change seems to be a constant theme this year! Character building baby, just more character building!

How has your summer been going?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Small Town Growth Means More Options!

So my small town is experiencing some growing pains! Last summer Tim Horton's and Biggby's opened, our towns first well known coffee shop chains. Last month Meijers opened their doors and I hear rumors of a Kroger's moving in too! While I may not care for a town getting too big for it's britches , I am certainly appreciating alternatives to Walmart's which was the only choice in town before Meijers came.

I still would LOVE to get to the point where I can do without any supermarkets but I am no where near that yet so am for now happy just to have a choice.

I am sure this will also mean a growth in population and that is the part I will not enjoy as my tiny home town got way too big for it's britches and I can't stand it in that area now. Traffic sucks, people are in a rush, a tad grumpy and simply not all that friendly in a town that gets too big and everyone is in a rush , bumper to bumper. NO THANK YOU!

The 2 local stores both have closed doors but they were so high priced nobody could really afford to shop at them.........we are talking $15 just for a can of coffee at the cheapest price at one of those stores! Like insane prices!

I can not tell you how good it feels to say good bye to shopping at Walmart's and choosing a different store......because we have a choice now. Most small rural towns I have always lived in, that is the one and only choice for the most part.

I wonder what else is in the plans to move to our tiny little place in the world? 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Consumer Culture

Americans have bought into the belief for far too long that consumption is popular, consumption is good, consumption is what improves our standard of living today. High consumption has become a hard core ingrained belief that this is what we work so hard for. Using phantom reserves of tomorrow for our gains of today has become a standard way of life. We have become a super size it nation for sure but not only on our orders with fast food. Everything seems to be in excessive quantities, yet the more excessive and addicted it becomes, for certainly consumer culture is an addiction, the more disillusioned, depressed and filled with anxiety one becomes. As a culture that is addicted to high consumption in a nation of super size it please, we are now collectors of gadgets, increased our sugar consumption by almost 30% since the 1980's, raised our fuel and energy consumption, and pretty much added "MORE" to everything. More hours of schooling, more years of schooling, more cars per family, more house, more work hours, more years of working before retirement...........more, more, more.

Public Schools, Financial Experts, Media Bombarding and even neighbors and places of employment are all contributing to consumption in excess mentality. Yet by purchasing in addictive quantities, is coming at high costs on the other side of more and excess. Many are still struggling from the collapse and bubble bursts of 2008, angry and feeling or more accurately waking up to the fact they had been lied to. All in the name of obtaining the American Dream. Clinical depression is at epidemic levels (adults) and at scary high rates among a group you never would think of....privileged middle class adolescents with involved parents. It seems that the vortex of having more, more money, stuff, opportunities, activities is not giving this age group a better life, but rather spinning them into the world of being clinically depressed. You can read how Consumer Culture Harms Children and Teens HERE.

By forming a society of slaves by possessions, creating a life sentence of paying for today's stuff on fabricated future incomes we have created an emotional attachment to stuff. As we become a more impersonal culture by the day, isolating the individual, "things" become the attachment to the emptiness of community and personal relationships fall by the way side. We have replaced the tribe with a lone wolf syndrome. In a mobile world, who has time to stay still or develop meaningful relationships or even get to know ones neighbor a little bit? Yet it is the very impersonal world we are creating that is in part leading to epidemic levels of depression, anxiety, stress, illness and in general unhappy lives and families.

A good read on how this kind of living and consuming is not only excessive, and an addiction but simply is not sustainable is HERE. Give it a read, it is a great explanation of our over consumption. Consumption has been so indoctrinated into us that many can not see how it would be possible to live any other way. They may be overwhelmed by the hours they must put in to barely keep up with their debt, but they can not see the forest through trees. There just is no other way, it is just how life is and with no time to give any thought keep plugging away hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel someday. Hoping one day they may be able to earn enough to retire. Hoping one day they will have accumulated enough things to be happy. Hoping one day they can leave the rat race. Hoping one day they will have bought their children a better life than what they had as kids. It is an auto pilot way of living, and while frugality is becoming more popular out of necessity, the frugal group is still highly frowned upon and looked at as the freaks in a high consumption economy.

I can not tell you how many times I have heard folk telling me how they have had to pare everything down the the basics to survive. Yet when the list what that means to them, car payments and cable television is almost always in their list of basics. Some even have a home where they may still have payments on, yet if they were to sell could buy something cheaper in full and have no payments any longer to pay. I am not faulting these individuals, for I think it is easy to look at others and think how you would do it differently. I am only bringing it up to show how ingrained it is in typical American households and they have come to believe these are basics and the consumption is what we are suppose to do. For many there is no other way and they hope one day to maybe break out of survival mode into something better. The problem with this, is they have no clue how and never stop to think it is the consumption rates and what is considered basics that needs some thought put into. Further thought then must go into, how to bring in more income without relying on the 9-5 world, especially if one is trapped in a low paying job, where job security is a thing of the long ago past now.

We can not expect change when doing nothing to change,circumstances will remain, how much stuff does one really need? Stuff leads to debt, long work hours to pay for the debt, stress and anxiety, clutter, depression from cluttered messy homes, feelings of inadequacy of not keeping up with the neighbors, heart attacks, other health issues, poor diets, obesity. Stuff leads to impersonal relationships, isolation, burn out, incurable undefinable emptiness, friction in the household, and even living life in a bubble by coming home and hiding in stuff ( such as electronic gadgets or video gaming) rather than living out in the real world and physically active within our communities.

Now I am not saying all consumption is bad and certainly I am no expert so everything I blog about is my opinion and only my opinion. The things we purchase can be wonderful tools, enhance our life, make things more convenient or enrich our lives and bring great joys. It is the addiction and purchasing in excess trying to fill an undefinable emptiness that becomes the problem in a consumer culture.  Knowing what we want to purchase or choose to spend money on takes conscience thought, reflection, defining our "Enough" which will be different for everyone. Looking into alternative sub-cultures to bring in new ways of thinking, fresh perspectives and ideas can do wonders for starting to change. For when we grow and expand our  minds to change our core thoughts and beliefs, we can then create the changes in our personal lives for a more rewarding one, a simpler one, chaos free and beautiful. Putting more emphasis on building community, building deep connections in our relationships, having gratitude for all things great and small in our lives and doing things to bring new experiences can fulfill us far more than a house bursting at it's seams ever could.

Our consumer culture wants you to shop, it creates bubbles that eventually burst devastating the common folk, the hard working folk  that bought into the line of thinking they needed to pay for it. When the bubbles burst, it gets ugly for way too many. What bubble is escalating now that may soon burst?

There is another way , I am sure there are several alternative ways. I am not talking about one of deprivation either, but one of liberation....... the Consumer Culture in which we live has escalated to shocking levels that can not be sustained, but rather leaches everything dry. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Computer Issues, Making Blogging Difficult at Best!

Not sure if it is a virus issue ( which of course I do have a virus, I removed a good portion but not all. Since my computer tech savvy is minimum at best, it will have to wait until my son is around in a few weeks to try to correct!)  or if it is a glitch in my Google Chrome, but it has made it to where if I use Chrome, blogger just freezes and won't work at all. If I use Explorer, well I can type a post, but can't include photos.........of course neither way allows me to post photos and this is very frustrating to me!

Sometimes I really wish I knew more about computers so I could correct these issues and know what the problem is. I plan on waiting for my son because last time we had an issue with my son's laptop we took it to the local computer repair shop. In our small town that was the largest mistake of our life and I swore off our local repair shop forever.....add another forever to that and it MIGHT cover how I feel.

You see when we took our son's computer in, told them what was going on, we were told his computer would be next in line and be about a week to repair and would  run about $30. No problem, great! They would call us to verify and get permission when they knew for sure the exact problem and how much it would be. Great, no problem!

1 week later after NO phone call, we stopped in and was told by a freakin kid that looked maybe 16 that he most likely would have to restore it to the factory setting and if we would like any of the files backed up, he would have to do that first. I said fine to the factory setting, but that it was my son's computer and he did NOT have to back up anything, there simply was not anything on there to back up. He would call when done.

2 weeks later, hubby stopped in after no phone calls again, was told the VERY same thing and hubby said fine.

2 weeks later we stopped and I went NUTS after he tried to tell me the SAME farting thing! I told him we changed our minds and to give me the dang computer, he said he could have it done in an hour but it would cost $100 which again I flipped. He said he had already backed up the files, I told him that when I first talked to him I told him we did NOT need that service and again just give me the computer for you have had it over a month for a 5 minute job of resetting to factory settings because you are too young to know how to actually fix it!

Well they had it fixed in 5 minutes and for $30 ....................  but I was VERY hot under the collar and thought this was the most unprofessional place I had EVER done business with. The problem is they are the ONLY repair shop for computers in our area....grrrrrrrr!

So anyways, I plan on posting on a more regular basis again but please bare with me, there simply will not be photos for awhile until I can figure out what the issue is or use a different computer!.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend

and the moral of this story?  If you are paying for a service, make sure you are getting what you pay for and do NOT be afraid to stand your ground and demand professionalism and good service! It is YOUR money, you get to decide on what you are willing to pay for and what you are not!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Changes on the Rise!

Yes I know, it has been way too long since my last post and I know you missed me!  Cancer wise I am doing outrageously well but my hip went out at least 2 months ago and made sitting at my computer very difficult! I recently had 2 MRI's done which is revealing bad discs most likely from an auto accident I was in 16 years ago but doctors just kept shrugging me off so I am getting some long over due answers. It is no fun having your nerves all  inflamed and shooting agony down your leg no matter what position you try to be in, and walking or doing house cleaning is almost all be zilch! So now we know I have a bad disc or two or three........... I have to go see a neuro-surgeon, and they even found a local one! YEA FOR LOCAL! I should get a call for an appointment sometime this week. Until I see him, I have no idea what this means for me down the road.

I also got a recent X-ray done to make sure cancer has not returned to my lung as I had a nasty dry cough going for a few weeks now. Those came back fine so my doctor thinks it could be allergies......... funny I never had allergies much prior to cancer and chemo but I had had my share of reactions to things ever since! No clue what is causing it, heard the mold counts are horridly high right now and being behind in housework sure has the dust levels at an all time high........so who knows! Coughing with a hip out though oh yeah, not so good!

Spring is trying to come, still bouncing all over from pleasant weather to down right cold , even had a bizarre late spring blanket of snow one morning around Easter to wake up to!  April brought my adult daughter down for a 3 week visit though, my mom, sister and aunt came to visit, and my youngest son had his 16th birthday!

In between all this going on, the Burger King my hubby works at decided to go to an open 24 hour joint so he switched to a Mid night shift!  We are hoping this will be a great fit and change for us, no more going to bed at 10pm only to  be up by 4:20AM, home by 1pm but then sleeping until 5pm!
It will allow for more consistent sleep for him and since May officially brings us to having 2 teens in the house again there are no little's making too much noise. Homeschooling allows them to be able to listen to their own bodies and set their own sleep schedules. Our son goes to bed around midnight and up by no later than 9am but is quiet as a church mouse. Our active daughter loves to burn the midnight oil and stay up most the night and sleep until 3 or 4pm and with her being our noisy active one, this creates a quiet space for hubby to sleep! This also opens hubby up to being available to run me to any or all appointments without requesting days off and losing seriously needed income. It also may mean no cutting hours as not too many are working the midnight shift so cant be sent home when business is slow.

With Chemo brain finally leaving and a sharper mind once again returning I am thinking in terms of income opportunities from home again and have some ideas on what I want to do with that.

The largest change that will be happening is the decision we made to move in just under 2 years.... while it may sound quite strange, we will be cliff jumping and moving to Hawaii, the most unlikely place anyone would expect of us. But there you have it, and it is very exciting to me and there is so much to do! We will be selling everything and only taking 1 carry on a piece but after an exciting trip across the states to catch a plane or cargo boat ( still working out details) in California. I have had enough of Michigan winters!

But considering everything, I have been busy laughing, loving, and filling my days with joy with people I love and cherish.......life is AMAZING! At this time I am a 15 month survivor and each day is truly blessed.

Until my next post.......blessing and joy to you all and may you rock out an amazing life!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our New Budget for 2014

2014 Budget!

Rent                      $475
Phone                    $  75
Electric                  $ 50
Car insurance       $106
Propane                $  75
X-box live           $  20
Netflix                 $    9
Gas for Truck      $110
Food                    $450

 Total of             $1350 a month

Above is our basic needs that goes out and comes out of hubby's wages.  We do get some child support each month as well that is NOT included in this budget and goes for some extra things that are not on a survival budget. I do not include child support in a budget simply because it is not always dependable.  Also we generally make some extra cash from turning in scrap metal, larger work checks than budgeted, and other extra income streams that help go towards making life a little more "juicy" and easier to breathe.  Last years budget worked quite well of for us for the most part, the one thing that we did not for see was propane costs that skyrocketed through the roof but it all has ended well. This year there are a few increases in bills such as higher electric costs due to our last years purchase of a washer and dryer along with a small chest freezer so I did plan on that! So still on a survival only budget but as I said, I always know there will be extra income from a variety of sources and this is what adds flavor to our lifestyle.

I am also going to be working hard to strive for a more minimalist lifestyle this year and plan on selling off a lot of extra items to help de-clutter and de-own!  We now have a 2 year goal of Moving to Hawaii that a lot of this extra money will be going towards! So exciting times to look forward too!

On a side note, as harsh as winter was, and our chickens sheltered but not in a great chicken coop, it was quite a wonderful surprise they survived this winter, we did not loose even 1 to the cold severe elements!  Spring has brought out many creatures looking for an easy meal and targeting them as they themselves are desperate to find food and fatten up again ( our deer look scrawny and pathetic!)  but so far we have managed to chase them off and keep them from a kill. Our chickens continue on and we are seeing eggs again with longer days and warmer weather!

On another side note, my hip went out about a month ago and has kept me from being able to sit at a computer and blog, but it is much better now and cancer wise I am doing FANTASTIC! Now time to catch up on blogging once again AND spring cleaning!  

Oh and we can SEE GROUND AGAIN!  So happy to see snow finally leaving and a few wonderful sunny 40 degree days! Happy happy happy Dance!

How has your March been going?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mid Month Update

Well February is always better, in large part because it is tax refund time! I would also like to take a moment to thank a few generous readers for donations that helped tie us over until we were able to get our refund! It has been a very long difficult winter. But the end is near and it is time to start relaxing into spring!

The weather has warmed up some, we have had a few cold nights at just below zero but nothing like the negative 30's of January. The days have been in the 20's, we have been seeing sun again and I hear it is suppose to be in the 40's by Thursday!

While we got a propane fill up in January ( 200 gallons at $460) the frigid temps make quick use of the fuel and I had to order our next fill up already, with a propane shortage this meant my order for another 200 gallons is costing us $705 ! YIKES that is double from what our summer fill up was but good news is we got our refund to cover that expense. Now I just have to wait for them to deliver it ( up to 5 business days now, they increased that part too!) But we will remain warm for the remaining winter and hopefully March will bring beautiful spring temps and lots of sunshine!

For this month all bills have now been paid and caught up again, so now I have to sit down and get a new budget made out for this year. Really it should have been done at the first of the year, but sometimes it is hard to force yourself to sit down and face the music! It is much easier to do when everything is caught up and you can then create a budget on just regular bills.

We will be switching auto insurance soon as this will save us around $30 a month!

Each day I feel better, stronger and more alive so it is getting easier to take care of business again and it is a great feeling. Being idle is not good for my mentality, I need to feel productive!

I have been making lots of meals from scratch again, although I still need to create a healthier menu!

We need to get physically active , did I mention it was a long winter without being able to go outside?

January Stresses have ended, February blessings abound, and life is oh so good!

Looking forward to getting our financial house in order again and who knows, I may just have the energy and strength to get back to making money projects this year!

Hope your February was as blessed as ours!

Do you have goals for March yet?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thankful for February!

To be honest, January just plain sucked, no matter how I looked at it and I could not be happier that it is finally OVER!  We always seem to struggle through the winter months, December, January and then into February until tax refund time. Yet while the struggle is not so new to us, this year seemed particularly hard and almost seemed like I had challenged the Universe so it was bent on revenge!

I started the beginning of winter with the whole, No Matter What I shall see the beauty in winter...... yeah well that was fine and very beautiful in December.....but then January found me cursing it and the polar vortex. January was just plain unbearable and had me wishing for a life in the Desert somewhere, anywhere really that was warm.  It was like the more I tried to see the beauty of winter, the more mother nature brought even colder temps until I caved and began to loathe her!  Pipes dripping constantly to prevent freezing, cold air constantly blowing right through the house, cold nights causing restless sleep and just plain irritable moods by everyone closed inside from it being too cold to go anywhere. I seemed to totally lose that sunny positive disposition I usually do pretty good at maintaining and literally just wanted to take a paycheck and run away.......far far away!

I also made the comment to hubby how I would not stress about finances and trust our needs have always been met and would continue to do so. November was a fantastic month and I actually got all our Christmas shopping done in November before Thanksgiving. Well the universe started digging and throwing more and more at us until again I caved and started giving in to anxiety, stress and wanting to just run away.

Hubby's hours got cut, bringing only part time hours for pay checks, since Thanksgiving really. They increased back to full time for the whole of 1 or 2 paychecks but mostly he is only getting around 55 hours on a 2 week pay period! Like minimum wage is not hard enough on full time hours!  They have been the worse they ever have been and I chalk that up to the cold keeping people at home so business was really slow over the cold winter months.

Receiving his W-2 showed us he actually made 2,000 LESS than the previous year which meant he only made 13k for the whole year.  Add in child support and food stamps and that brought us to a  thankful 20k for 4 people.

To top everything off we still had a day or two of frozen pipes to deal with and now a kitchen sink that won't drain ( but not due to it being frozen ironically)

Michigan is also seeing a propane shortage so hiked up the prices, my mom just told me she just got charged 3.95 a gallon , we need a fill up very very soon and will be looking at well, way too much for a 200 gallon minimum order fill up! I already had to get 200 gallons in January but now have to turn around and get more which means a whole extra tank from what I normally order in a year.  A whole extra tank and double the expense......LOL yeah that sounds about right. While I usually do not feel poor, I must admit, come January for the first time in a long, long, long time, I felt poor and I felt every struggle and strain of the stress poverty can bring. I am hoping if I can continue feeling better and better, I may be able to turn that around yet and yes I know that true wealth is not always monetary and I am very wealthy and full of abundance in love, family and other areas...it helps to have enough to not have to worry in the winter months. Unfortunately we can not leave Michigan for another 2 years due to visitation/custody laws but it is being planned for!

There has been a lot of other things going on as well too, little things that have added up to getting behind in other utility bills, and just plain going wrong adding to stress and frustration.

But I am thankful to be alive to be able to stress! LOL

Yup it has been a hard year indeed , and my heart truly goes out to those that are far worse than us, because this winter has brought strain and hardship to so many, it makes my heart ache. But I got our taxes done several days ago and should see the benefit of that mid February.

Yes January is OVER Good Riddance and Thank God!

I Truly hope your January was not one of hardship and struggle and was blessed instead!

Now back to my usual sunny self............

Monday, January 13, 2014

Staying Home: How Long is too Long?

How long does one typically stay home before going stir crazy and needing to get out of the house? When did going out on a frequent basis start?

I know growing up, we lived 13 miles out of town and went through long periods with no vehicle, which meant most of our time was spent in our house or on our 7 acres. We did not go out to eat but once in a blue moon, usually when my Dad would stop on the way home from a visit with my mom in hospital. I am not sure but I would most likely say it was to try to take our minds off a not so pleasant visit, where her possible death may be looming in our heads.

I remember going to the movie theatre twice, once when I was 5 and again when I was around 13. Our typical outings would have been a few miles down the road to the swimming hole or country drives where my mother enjoyed genealogy work in the cemeteries or to view the fall colors. Entertainment usually consisted of us going to someone's house or them coming to ours. Church and School was our other outings.

When my parents divorced and we had no car, we went out only once a month when my grandma would come to take us grocery shopping. Beyond school, if we wanted to get anywhere we walked, sometimes this meant for me, a 5 mile walk to the local country party store, then later to my boyfriends house.

This stayed with me into my adulthood where I am very comfortable staying home in large chunks of time. Living rural means I don't want to spend the money for frequent trips to town. I really never stop to think that how long I will stay home, especially in winter months would not really be considered normal by today's standards.

Last Wednesday on the 8th, I was contemplating whether I wanted to brave our heat wave of 16 degrees, after a 30 below polar vortex to go out shopping or wait for warmer weather towards the weekend. I started thinking, when was I last out of the house? I was a little surprised, when I realized the last time I had been out of the house, was December 5th! When I revealed this on Facebook, people asked how I could do that without pulling my hair out and drooling off in a corner.

I guess it comes down to, when I am freezing all the time, the last thing I want to do is go outside where it is even colder, usually windy and go  run errands. Being cold is NOT my idea of fun.

I also enjoy being home, after all a home is suppose to be your sanctuary and for me it is, it is my place to feel warm, cozy, love and laughter with people I enjoy  spending time with. I have 2 amazing teens that are wonderful company, 2 dogs that are the best companions, beautiful snowy country scenery out my back door and a wonderful best friend for a husband who is home by 1pm every day. I have a computer for contact with people in other areas of the world, and Netflix at night to lose myself into a story where real life disappears for 2 hours. LIFE IS GOOD right here in my tiny home and baking and cooking are my winter things to do! I also have tons of books on my kindle that I have been reading so for me it is all good!

Now hubby, he goes out 5 days a week to work, then whenever I need a few things he goes 1/2 mile from work to the store and picks it up for me, and then comes home and feeds the chickens on days I think it is too cold. He knows I am having a hard time staying warm this year so he has been great about making sure I do not have to go out and be cold. I will occasionally go out and feed the chickens on days it is 30 or above. So until the weather gets warmer I limit my outings to major grocery shopping day which is once a month, and doctor appointments........... other than that, I shall continue on in hibernation mode.

I know staying home that long is not for everyone, for some they have a need to get out every 2 weeks, 4 days or some even daily. That is okay and it is a good thing to  know your limits on what you can take without driving your self nuts. For me 1 month is really not too long at all and I was not even stir crazy when we finally did get out on the 8th.

But I am always curious to know about others...........so tell me, how long do you normally stay home in between getting out of the house?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Living in the Moment

I have always been a planner, goal oriented, focused on productivity, over achiever, lover of charts, budgets, to do lists, notebooks, financial statements, dreamer, and what ever else people like to do to feel they have some control over their lives.

The End of December found me coming down off my month long Holiday Spirit and I am still alive High and put me face to face struggling with goals for the New Year. I have always, always used the last week of December to goal plan for the year, 5 year, 10 years and sometimes even beyond plans.

Oh I have some loose ideas all rattling around my head but have not been able to bring myself to write it down and actually make a commitment. It seems that this year, for me, goals are a huge conflict of interest. It part because it is truly hard for me to see myself beyond a year block of time, when you are told over and over you are not curable, just treatable and that the average life span of someone facing stage IV breast cancer is 30 months from the day of diagnosis.

Yet when I was diagnosed I was so far advanced that 30 months was more like 3 to 6 months and I beat those odds. It has been a year and I am still here..... I think I need to host that as an annual party!
So okay, I can now see myself very much here and a part of 2014, but 2015 is still an unknown factor, way too blurry and way too far in the future for me to predict. This has made goal planning a very difficult conflicting struggle for me!

This is not necessarily a bad thing, after all my main goal for 2013 was simply to survive which I did pretty fantastically if I do say so myself! Cancer brought an ability for me to be amazed each and every day I managed to wake up. Not only did I manage to wake up every day, but after June, started feeling better and better with each passing day.

Part of my OCD with planning and goals was always motivated by the phrase "Without Goals you wander aimlessly about, never getting anywhere." But for now in my life, maybe that's the whole point! People worry all the time about financial security, building up a retirement fund for 20 years down the road, having a plan and a map to get there and then enjoying the journey.

For me my journey is living in the moment because when I really think about it, living in the moment has never steered me wrong. People complain all the time about living pay check to pay check, about being poor, having ill health, and a multitude of other things.

But when you think about it, it all comes down to the fact that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL and it is in the moment, we can see that. Besides if I look into my past, each time and every year I planned things out, things never went according to plan. Something always came up to change our course, always.

While I have ideas floating around and even bumping into each other around my head, I am not going to  commit to any of them at this point.

2014 for me will be living in the moment,  relishing in how beautiful Life is and see where it takes me.  Oh I will still be looking for ways to increase my  health, reduce expenses, finding free or low cost pleasures, building deep connections in my relationships and things of that nature, but it will be in a very loose format, there will be no plans for future destinations.

This does not mean I won't plan anything out, it just means I am not going to fret about it and may or may not only use a simple outline for the year ahead, make use of 30 day or other type challenges and such.

Mostly this just means I plan on making use of each amazing moment I am gifted and when I can see myself a part of 2015, then I will discuss plans for 2015. For right now I see myself a part of 2014 and this is where my focus is.

There certainly is something to be said for simply living in the moment and living for the moment, nothing less, nothing more.

I look forward to sharing our adventure this year, already I feel excitement in the air!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top Posts for 2013

Well shall we take a peek at the top blog posts for 2013?

Coming in as number one with the most views was:

1.) Blogs From Those on Low Income This interestingly enough was not only the most viewed post, but doubled the numbers for any other post I wrote, not to mention it was one of my more recent posts at that. 

2.) No Air Conditioner Here Baby came in second, seems everyone tries to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, who knew? ha ha!

3.) Why Our Tax Refund is so Large  almost tied with number 2, many assume you are not claiming the correct exemptions when you get too large of a refund. This post shows that is not always the case and the Earned Income Credit can really boost the working poor refunds when they have qualifying children.

4.) Staying at a Low Paying Job comes in number 4 show casing that sometimes, there are reasons some stay at a low paying job rather than seeking higher pay some where else.

5.) Family Members and Their Financial Roles came in the bottom of the top 5 but still worthy of note.

So there you have it, these are the posts that were the most viewed, the most read and hopefully the most enjoyed. If by chance you missed them, take a moment of reflection and go ahead and read them now.

Cheers to an Epic 2014 Everyone, make the choice to make it amazing, joyful, peaceful, full of love and take full authorship of your story!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lentil Loaf

1 cup lentils
2 cups water
24 crackers crumbled
2 eggs...
8 ounce block of cheddar cheese shredded or cream cheese softened
1/2 cup ketchup, spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce
1 tablespoon mustard
1 onion chopped
1 teaspoon prepared minced garlic or garlic salt
pepper to taste
2 teaspoons Italian seasoning or basil

Cook lentils in water gently boiling in covered pan for 30 minutes. Mash lentils with potato masher add eggs, 1/2 the cheese , 1/2 the ketchup, spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce and the rest of the ingredients. Spread into a greased 13 x 9 casserole dish, flattening top with spoon. Spread remaining tomato sauce on top, spread remaining cheese on top and put in oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What? It is Only December?

Well I do declare December is not playing around and is in it to win it! Yeah Randy says that on American Idol, but you know, it seems like a fitting phrase because:

Baby its COLD outside!

December has brought Michigan some wintery frigid weather that is usually way more typical of January and February. If you live in the Upper Peninsula where my adult daughter still lives, way over and up by the  Keweenaw peninsula, they have been getting dumped on with snow too along with single digit temps!

Thankfully I am in Central Michigan and while it has been in teens and single digits by nights, we only have about an inch of snow on the ground, although that may change with some accumulation being called for Saturday as the 5th storm to be named already this season hits our area. This same storm may dump 2 feet on my brother who lives in New Hampshire!

Bitter, Cold and oh yes going through our propane tank like there is no tomorrow! I do believe we may be looking at a whole extra tank of fuel this year for the first time due to how cold it has been and is still really early in the season! I have been checking the gauge every few days. At the same time I am humbled this time of year knowing how blessed we are to have a roof, heat and warm beds and I can not help thinking of the homeless, hoping they can find a warm bed out of this bitter cold. It is a very sobering thought to me.

This kind of weather also means it is:

Cold and FLU season baby!

So yeah my kids got sick with sneezing, soar throat sniffles, got better just in time to catch another one and now with them being sick, I am starting to have my nose run too. So time to stock up on cold medicines, oranges, cough drops, Vick's vapor rubs and chicken noodle soups!

Then of course back to the issue of frigid temps, leaves us leaving our faucets all slightly running so everything does not all freeze up. We do have electric tape but it never seems to be enough when the temps get as low as they been. So in order to prevent everything from freezing up we leave the hot and cold water both slightly running, not a whole lot, it is actually an art form to get them dripping JUST RIGHT! LOL. Enough to keep water lines and drains from freezing but  not so much the pilot light to the water heater has to come on continuously! Yeah it is an art form!

Of course December always brings short and crappy hours for hubby where he ends up coming home 2 to 3 hours early almost every day. Awesome we get to spend more time with him but a bitter disappointment on pay day! But so far this year still has run fairly smooth and we have nothing but blessings to count.

This is also the time of year for chili making, turkey cooking,  holiday baking and anything really that will get the oven working for a few hours to help heat up the house and warm the bellies! A huge hit this week was Egg Nog Fudge! It is very sweet and rich but OH MY is it ever yummy!

The only other thought with this cold weather is that every time I hear or see one of our chickens I can not help but think how grateful I am not to be a chicken right now! Brrrrrrrrrr Brrrrrrrrr and Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that's all I have to say on that!

May the odds forever be in your favor.........


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tis the Season

Hope everyone is kicking December off in the joyous spirit of togetherness and holidays that it is intended for. I do not really see it as a "day" but a frame of mind I have mostly tried  to stay in all year round, pretty successfully for the most part too I may add! We tend to do things a little differently in our home and do not always wait to open gifts and actually this year did that portion yesterday with the kids.

I have been posting daily holiday music up on my facebook page, and today we go food shopping where I decided to look at my pinterest candy board and pick 2 things a week I want to make with the kids. This week will be Mud balls and Peppermint Fudge!

I have been letting the negativity of others roll off me like oil on water, after all if they are negative and grumpy that is really on them and not my problem. Looking back at where I was last December, I have nothing but joy in my heart..... not only am I alive but I am doing well and I have an amazing family to celebrate that with so I make sure I start each day with a smile on my lips before I even get out of bed each morning.

I refuse to get grumpy due  to winter, I am determined to enjoy winter this season and focus on all the wonderful things that go along with that. I refuse to let stress enter into any part of my days, worrying will not do anyone any good so I choose to relax into the frame of mind where I know all our needs will be met. Life is good.

It may be frugal, it may be mundane , it may seem like the same things going on each and every day to where it seems for a bit I have run out of things to talk about here on my blog. But it is my LIFE and life with my loved ones is really Amazing and to be cherished.

Looks like winter is trying to move in today as I type this up, where  the  wind is blowing strong and the colder temps coming to town........... rather than get grumpy I plan on going food shopping , coming home to a wonderful hot meal, snuggling under blankets, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate with my kids.  

I have been busy posting tons of ideas on Pinterest to help us have a wonderful 2014 and yet at the same time have been enjoying being present in the moment knowing that how we feel about things is really a choice. How we take action or react is a choice, how we choose to see the world, is a choice. While I may not be able to see too far into the future , I can see myself very much part of 2014 at that, is so exciting, I can not even begin to describe!

Of course I do need to get better about writing more here on my blog again! I need to make posting on a regular basis part of my 2014 goals! 

Wishing everyone a Loving, Generous, Joyous Season! May your light shine so bright the rest of us need to put on our shades!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Creamy Chicken


1 cup flour
1/4 tsp. ground red pepper
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. basil
pepper and salt  to taste
2 T. olive oil
3 or 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 can green beans drained
2 large yellow onions chopped
2 or 3 T. Sour Cream
2 or 3 T. Blue Cheese
1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cup milk


Mix flour, ground red pepper, garlic powder, basil, salt and pepper together in small bowl. Place in a gallon sized zip lock bag and put aside. Cut chicken breasts in 1 inch pieces and put in bag with flour mixture, shaking to coat chicken pieces.

Heat oil in large fry pan and place chicken and onions in it frying until chicken pieces are browned (about 20 minutes). Add green beans and continue frying about another 5 minutes or so until chicken is done. Add Sour Cream and Blue cheese in and slowly start adding the milk stirring constantly until it is a nice gravy consistency ( about 1 1/2 cups milk.) If too thick add a little more milk.

Serve over mashed potatoes, egg noodles or biscuits.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Gifting a Minimalist

While I have a long ways to go to where I could be considered a Minimalist, I am working towards it as one of my goals. A life of Simplicity is attractive to me for a variety of reasons and I have been working slowly on decluttering and deowning. Our home is small, and due to people constantly giving us stuff, we have way too much. Stuff we do not need and just taking up very valuable space and with this in mind we have been putting our foot down telling everyone that unless we specifically ASK for something, not to bring it, we don't want it. I have no good way for getting rid of it so it just continues to add to the stuff we already do not have room for.

I want to be a Minimalist and lead a life of Simplicity.

So with that in mind, yet people generally wanting to be helpful or giving, what do you gift the minimalist family? If STUFF is not wanted, then what does make appropriate gifts?
While I may not be able to speak for all, I can say what my family would enjoy which would be....

  • Food Products- organic produce, nuts, olive oils, spices, sunflower seeds, old fashioned rolled oats, baking cocoa, fresh pineapples, fresh coconuts, coconut milk, coconut oil, ,  any flour other than white flour, raw honey, maple syrups, molasses............ you get the gist, any real consumable food that is not processed or enriched....well unless it is a banana split gift basket with ice cream, bananas, whipped topping and of course all the toppings included! :)

  • Gift Cards- Gift cards are always a great gift for the minimalist as they can be used up and used at places the frugal minimalist may not usually indulge in. This could be Walmart or Meijer gift cards, GameStop, gas cards, restaurant gift cards, coffee shops, or others,  just make sure the gift cards you get are places that exist locally for the person you are wanting to gift. It would be kind of pointless to gift a gas card if the nearest gas station for that card is 50 miles or more away. Make sure it is local.

  • Toiletries and Paper Products - Toilet Paper, Paper Plates,Paper Towels, Kleenex,  Bath Salts, Lotions, Shampoos, Soaps, after shave, fabric dryer sheets, Pretty Journaling Paper or Stationary,these are all consumable and will be used even if they are not normal purchases for themselves.

Basically you are looking for things that can be consumed and used up or that will allow for pleasant experiences. Since we value family connections and want to put the focus on building memories other things that a minimalist may enjoy would be:

Day or Year Passes to  Amusement Parks
Museum Tickets
Zoo Tickets/ Passes
Concert Tickets
Ultimate Fighting Tickets
YMCA memberships
Movie Tickets
Your TIME ( the best thing evah is just making the effort to come hang with us!)
Living History tickets

Bus Pass ( if they live in an area of public bus transportation this may make a lovely gift item!)

Classes ( sometimes they may want to take some kind of class like a cooking class, art class, pottery or some other type.)

Now from time to time there may actually be a material item that the minimalist is wanting so be sure to ask from time to time.

Scented Candles also can make a nice gift, at least for woman minimalists because they wonderfully scent the air, lift spirits and again are consumed and used up.

Someone with a fire place or wood burner in their home would appreciate pinecone fire starters, they are easy to make and are a nice gift.

If you simply take a moment to be a little creative, it really is not that difficult to gift the minimalist on your list. Just ask yourself 2 simple questions....

Is it Consumable?  or  Does it provide a pleasant experience?

If the answer is no, then that is a sign you need to keep thinking and looking until you can answer a yes!

In the meantime, do not take it personal when the minimalist request everyone to not bring "STUFF" when they come to visit, it really is about them wanting a beautiful, organized home and living a life of simplicity. Stuff builds up and accumulates making it more work and less enjoyable. Less sometimes indeed is more and we would like more time, relationships, connections and a life of value than burdened down in objects. Gifting a family who is wanting a less cluttered lifestyle, just takes a little thought and consideration for suitable gifting.

Minimalism is growing at a very rapid rate as people are embracing the principles behind it, so many of you may find your gifting through out a year will find at some point at least one minimalist on your list!

Happy Gifting! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

That Time of Year: Preparing for Winter

Yup, the cold wind, rain and talk of snow has already moved into our corner of the world here in Michigan. Michigan winters can be challenging all in it's own right and usually for me a stressful time of year I don't enjoy all that much. Throw a Mobile home into the mix and it makes things even worse. Mobile homes are terrible for winter living, lacking in insulation, hard to heat and just plain cold. The wind blows right through the walls, your heat is being wasted in a multitude of areas and the floors are like walking straight barefoot on ice. Trying to keep it warm and heating along with holidays, is usually very stressful for me and I am like an eagle keeping an ever watchful eye on the propane tanks gauge. I really stress more than I should though because almost always we somehow always manage to stay on top of things.

This year I also   have the added problem of not being able to regulate my body temperature very well and the cold is already really getting to me. I can not layer up too much because then a hot flash will hit and I will be boiling hot for a few minutes stripping off my layers!

Despite all the odds seemingly stacked against us though I am determined to enjoy this winter and all the beauty and warmth winter can bring! I am not going to stress AT ALL and I am going to ENJOY the winter season!

To start with we are doing all  the usual preparations that come with this season.

The heating tape is on our pipes, which works pretty good at keeping pipes from freezing. We only have to drip the faucets when it gets to the 10 and below temps.

Hubby got plastic up on some of the windows yesterday, the side where the wind almost always comes from anyways.

The plastic on the windows are getting finished up today, all together we have 2 large 12 foot long windows. One is at each end of our trailer and then 6 other windows total. These windows are quite leaky and let a ton of cold windy drafts in so plastic over them is a complete MUST for the winter season.

After plastic is put up over the windows we then cover them with blankets or heavy curtains.

We had our propane delivered a few days ago before the cold hit for our 300 gallon tank. With the tank sitting at 25% that allows for the minimum delivery of 200 gallons that cost us $393. In a typical winter we will have  to fill this 2 more times at the 200 gallons each before winter is over.

I still need to get the outlet plugs and cover up a few mouse holes along with using that expanding foam insulation in a few areas.

If this was our place there is a ton more things I  would do that I either can't in a rental or do not want to put that much work or money into a place that is not ours.  But for now the little things we do help keep fuel prices down and us more comfortable and that is what matters!

So cheers to the Winter Season, may you be warm and blessed this season!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hot Chocolate Mix

This is enough mix to fill large ice cream bucket!

8 cups powdered Milk
3 cups baking cocoa
1 cup French Vanilla powdered Creamer
2/3 cup powdered sugar
1 1/2 c. granulated sugar

Put everything large plastic Ice Cream bucket and mix well, store with lid on it.

To use, place 4 Tablespoons of mix to 1 cup boiling water in cup and serve.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Family Members and Their Financial Roles

I have a Home Economics book that is a compilation of all the old textbooks for Home Economics for vintage advice from the years 1900 to the 1940's, yet this book itself was printed in 2010. One of the things it talks about that I like is the fact that:

"Every family member should be contributing to either A.) Earn Money or B.) Save Money."

When I posed this question to others I heard many replies back that their kids were too young to understand the concept of money, the mom mostly handled all the frugal activities and the dads did not help in the area of savings ( although mostly mentioned he was working.)

The message was lost.

"Each member should contribute to either earning money or saving money."

If the Dad is working well then he is contributing by earning the money. However this does not mean then that the wife and mother should take on the whole role of the savings end when there are children in the house.

This is something I myself have been contemplating on knowing we have missed this mark of involving each and every member. Oh we discuss, they go shopping with us, they know some of the things I do and are very aware of our financial circumstances and choices. But we miss the mark on each member having active roles.

It does not matter if a child is too young to understand the concept of money or not. A  child who has learned to walk can be given active roles in order to help save or earn money. Having a concept of the money itself is irrelevant. However I can see that for the truly frugal house, or those struggling through financial hardships, how very beneficial everyone having an active role could be.

Most children feel very grown up and proud of themselves when given "jobs." You just have to figure out age appropriate ones for them, the older they are the more they would be capable of. To save money for example, you may give a 2 or 3 year old the "job" of checking each room several times a day to make sure lights are off. They could help rinse out cans for the recycling center.

There are many opportunities around the household to either earn or save money, such as picking up returnable cans, helping reduce garbage output, reduce electric bills, help make homemade cleaners, help with meals from scratch, grinding grain ( if you grind grain), clipping coupons, locating sales in flyers........ of course it depends on the ages what tasks you may want to give them.

This also applies to earning money, there are many ways children can earn money, it may not be much such as picking up returnable cans but it is something. Other tasks with creative thinking may bring in much more money.  While it may go to a household fund, you may even consider letting them keep some of the earnings they contribute for themselves and help teach them how to manage their own money.

A family that works together, flows smoother for sure and helps each member understand financial choices better. By getting everyone actively involved in this manner, would certainly ease some of the burden off the main financial guru of the home. I think for the most this has become a lost art of the home economics.

This is going to be one of my families goals for November......... how about you?

Does each member have a earn or save role in your home or does the earning and saving only fall on the adults shoulders?


Monday, October 7, 2013

Octobers Food Costs = $300

We went shopping on the 5th to do our once a month large shopping day, purchasing everything we needed for Octobers menu. I did forget hot sauce and cranberries as we were tired and just plain tired of fighting the large shopping crowd that day. Seems like everyone in town was shopping! I was very pleased with the final result of our menu cost though......

$300 for a family of 4 for a whole month of food!

Now we will of course have to get milk and bread as we run out throughout the month and some fresh fruit but that is pretty much it. We have $150 left for food so I figure the $50 for these items and the remaining $100 I can use for either reduced meat sales or to build up my prepping pantry. Not that I am preparing for the end of the world or anything but I would love to have a stocked pantry that could last several months to a year.

As for spending the $300 for the month, that actually is a figure I am tickled pink with for a family. That is actually on the high side too because it was not JUST for what was on the menu which only covered dinners. I have 8 lbs. of rolled oats at home so I did not have to worry about that but I did have to buy other things.

While I won't list every single thing I bought for the $300 (the receipt is a mile long!) I will give you and idea of some of the items we purchased for that money.

Honey ( always pricey)
25 pounds of sugar ( tis the baking season)
6 pounds apples
lots and lots of fresh produce such as cabbage, carrots, bananas, brussel sprouts, green peppers...
40 pounds of potatoes ( hey they were on sale for $3 a 10 pound bag!)
Heavy cream ( again always expensive)
6 packages of bacon
24 cans of tuna
Apple Cider ( my only splurge and so worth it!)
Blue cheese
mozzarella cheese
cheddar cheese

Okay, Okay you get the point and that does not even cover a 1/4 of the list but those were some of the major ones that stick out for me.

No cold cereal  was purchased or anything so we did pretty good! The one thing I do plan on going back for Tuesday ( other than the 2 items I forgot!) would be some large pumpkins while they are on sale so I can cook it up and freeze the puree.

Okay, so I am off to go make some pumpkin bread and granola cereal this morning! Have a fantastic week you all!

What are you making from scratch this week?


Friday, October 4, 2013

October's Menu!

I pretty much am only planning out the Month of October's dinner menu.

For breakfast and lunches we will have a variety  of granola cereals, smoothies, yogurts, toaster pastries, banana breads, pumpkin breads and muffins all made from scratch.


Sat. Oct.5 –   New England Dinner Gratin

Mon. Oct.7-   Twice Baked Potatoes with Broccoli and Arugula Salad

Tue. Oct. 8-   Chili

Fri. Oct. 11- Homemade Pizza

Sun. Oct. 13- Blue Cheese Mushroom and Onion Potato Gratin w/ arugula salad


Mon. Oct. 14- Waffles and fresh fruit salad

Tues. Oct. 15- Black Bean Burgers

Wed. Oct. 16- Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, green beans (Hubby B-day)

Thurs. Oct. 17- BLT Pasta

Fri. Oct. 18-   Leftovers

Sat. Oct. 19- Split Pea and Ham Soup

Sun. Oct. 20- No Mayo TunaSalad with twice baked Sweet Potato’s

Mon. Oct. 21- Creole Rice, Sausage and Cabbage Soup


Repeat Menu
Happy Fall you all, what is on your menu this month?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

My October To Do's

 October To Do List
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1.) Go No Poo ( shampoo)
2.) Give up T.P. for washable cloth  ( only me and only pee)
3.) Winterize Home
4.) Make Granola Cereal
5.) Make Hot Chocolate Mix
6.) Make Sugarless Strawberry Jam
7.) Menu Plan
8.) Have 4 Family Financial Meetings
9.) Make Crockpot Yogurt
10.) Make Mayonnaise
11.) Make Almond Butter
12.) Make Toaster Pastries
13.) Make Quick Breads (banana and pumpkin)
14.) Make Ketchup
15.) Make Laundry Soap
16.) Earn an extra $100
17.) Winterize Garden Beds
18.) De-clutter and De-own all items in house that are not necessary
19.) Catch our bills up
20.) Get propane delivery
21.) Plan Halloween Fun Night
22.) Plan Thanksgiving Meal
23.) Work on Homemade Christmas Items
24.) Purchase 1 to 3 Christmas Presents
25.) Spend $250 on Food for the Month and Use the other $250 for prepper food storage

And there you have it, sounds like I am pretty gun ho about getting back in the saddle from the looks of this list but I know I can do it! One of my major goals for October is my heading towards the minimalist lifestyle, to get my belongings to fit into a duffle bag............ not something I expect my family to follow me on but for me, that is MY goal!

While I am usually frugal by nature, I always see room for growth and developing new skills in order to improve these skills. There seems to be layers of comfort, and each time you get to a level you become comfortable with, it can be a fun time to try to stretch those comfort levels!

Contrary to what many believe, we are quite comfortable in daily life, we lack for nothing, our needs are met and the things we value most are always in the forefront. Since material items, wages, income and things do not define our status in society for us, we follow our drum of values, which for us are connected meaningful relationships, celebrating the abundance of the earth on a daily basis, the miracle of life, and following joy.

So coming back into the scene and brushing myself off after being knocked down this year, I am back stretching those very levels of comfort in order to reduce costs, yet again as much as I possibly can.

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