Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Quantum Learning Model

Quantum learning methodology was introduced in the 1970’s with the learning forum founder and President Bobbi DePorter. Dr. Georgi Lozanov was hosted by Bobbi Deporter bringing his research on memory and brain function to the west breaking new ground in research and established the Quantum Learning Methodology by setting up a learning laboratory. Dr. Georgi Lozanov had developed the Quantum Learning Methods first in Bulgaria where he was a Bulgarian educator and psychologist. Using the methods creates an accelerated learning bringing the fun back into learning and making real connections with students and their whole involvement bringing real meaning to the students.

The idea is to engage and energize students and create life long learners who will take responsibility for their own learning experience. The foundation Quantum Learning rests upon is called the FADE model, Foundation, Atmosphere, Design and Environment with the goal of creating a strong context. It is based off of principles of 8 keys of excellence that consist of Integrity, Commitment, Failure Leads to Success, Ownership, Speak with Good Purpose, Flexibility, This is It! And Balance which is used in all areas of subjects and grade levels.

It seems to be a complex system with framework for a variety of uses such as the 5 tenants Learning, the Learning Design frame and Models for teaching giving teachers the skills required to use the methodology to empower and accelerate their students learning in a supportive learning environment in connection with the three major learning styles.

Once Lozanov’s ground breaking theories moved west, a variety of other new techniques not original to Lozanov’s theories were introduced some of which would include breathing, biofeedback and visualization. He has been training teachers all over the world for his superior teaching model and even spent time under arrest for his innovative, free thinking ideas until Bulgariapolitical views changed and is the creator of the science of Suggestology.

Quantum Learning Strategy mixes educational theories with immediate implementation within the classroom in a way to ensure information will be stored in several places within the brain to make it easier for the brain to recall the information later. Mark Reed, a High School Teacher in Kansas at McPherson High using the Quantum Learning Model proved to be so successful that the McPherson School District is now using the practice at all grade levels where Rick Reed and another teacher, Chad Brake, is teaching the other teachers the basis of the ideals of the Quantum Learning.

It seems that many public schools would benefit from instilling Quantum learning practices across all grade levels. It leaves the students empowered, energized and builds upon a students level of confidence creating effective life long learners. Those who use its methods testify to the success of Quantum Learning raising students test scores and accelerating their learning overall. It seems to motivate and excite kids about learning in ways that their brain can process and easily recall information while keeping them fully engaged.

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