Thursday, November 13, 2014

Moving to Oregon!

While we were trying to decide a future move between Ecuador, Belize and Oregon, an opportunity came up we could not refuse. This has created a whirl wind of activity and is a time sensitive move having to time everything with my cancer shots. These shots are on a 28 day cycle so we have to drive out there and get my new medical set up and new oncologist ASAP so as to not lapse in treatments.

However, we are getting the opportunity to go from our 2 bedroom trailer here in Michigan, to a 4 bedroom on 20 acres backed on 2 sides with BLM land with wood burner and hot tub! How awesome is that?  It also is just under 2 hours from my niece me and my kids are really close with!

We have friends in the area and the best part is when I looked before making our decision, there are 3 cancer care centers and a holistic one all 20 minutes from the place!  The pictures of the area are breathtaking and certainly spiritually uplifting just looking at the wild beauty of the place. A friend can help get hubby a really good job out there too that will NOT be fast food!

So we have been busy selling everything we own, getting medical stuff taken care of, having good bye thanksgiving dinners and the general business and details a move of this nature entails. We will be going a very southerly route, a lot farther and longer but warmer and perhaps better weather considering we will be traveling the first week of December.

I can not tell you how excited my family is over this quite unexpected adventure, we have never been out west beyond Wisconsin and Illinois which lets face it, don't count! Even my teens are really excited about this as they have been quite miserable here in central Michigan! 

Today was the first day of our Moving sale and we did pretty good, I have a few big ticket items I am really hoping will sell without having to come down to insulting amounts. But I have confidence we can sell them in the 2 weeks we have left. Nothing like a 3 week decision to move to shake things up!

Not sure when I will have a chance to post again, but hopefully it will be soon and hopefully will be followed with pictures to come!

Westward and Onward!