Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No Air Conditioner Here Baby

An Air Conditioner is just one of those luxuries that we have always chosen to do without. This surprises many because in the last 20 years it has went from being viewed from the luxury item that is usually is, to a necessity, kind of like Cable TV. Especially escalating to top of the list needs within the last 12 years or so. Yet even though many view them as needed items now, neither truly is, they still are a luxury item.

I agree an air conditioner comes in handy if you have infants or the elderly and live in areas where the heat can get really hot. These two age groups hot temperatures can be life threatening and cause high fevers or heat exhaustion that leads to death.

Going without an air conditioner may indeed be something I regret this year. Since my chemo I seem to only be tolerating 60 to 70 degree temps. Anything below that and I am freezing cold and shivering all day. Anything hotter I am dying, drinking gallons of water and so so so miserable. But I am determined to grit my teeth and bear it, after all they certainly did not have these items in the past.

In the olden days they use to hang cold wet sheets over open windows to  cool off the house while adding moisture. I may even try this for this summer, along with the fans we have, all will be good!

One of the main problems are that we live in a trailer, trailers seem to collect heat like a green house unless shaded by trees really well. Our yard is open with NO trees what so ever. No trees to block the high winds in the winter and no trees to provide us relief from the blazing sun. If this was our property, we would have planted trees to remedy this, but alas it is not, we rent it. So suffer it is.

We did buy a few more screens to get some more of the windows we can open though as broken windows or windows with no screens were another issue of causing more heat in the house. Windows specifically are listed in rental agreement as being our responsibility even if most were in disrepair when we moved in.

To me though no matter what, an Air Conditioner is just not worth first, the expense to purchase one, or two the cost to run one on the electric bill. We just simply choose not to want to spend money in these categories.  Even if you only run the air conditioner on the few days you find unbearable, then to me it was never worth the expense of purchasing the air conditioner in the first place. 

We find plenty other ways to cool down for the summer so to us it is just not a big deal and not even wasting the energy to contemplate this purchase. At least not here in Michigan, I do understand those who live in very hot long hot season states!

I also know this certainly is not something most are willing to go without and for us that is okay because we are not living the others lives, we are living ours and this is what works and the choices we like to make.  That is what is wonderful about life, it is unique to each individual and each family, making conscious choices of where you want to save money in areas that don't mean much to you while being able to spend it in the areas that do mean something to you!

Do you have air conditioning? Do you see it as a luxury or a need? If you do not have air conditioning what are some ways you like to cool off?