Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Taking a Hit: Oh My the Wind Can Blow....

Thankfully Tuesday was not nearly bad as the devastating hit to Oklahoma City, yet we dealt with a storm of our own. Out of nowhere a wall of high winds, rain and hail broadsided our trailer with us in it and shoving us a little off the foundation blocks even with the tie downs. It ripped our skirting to all heck, and spread it over a 1/4 mile radius in our joining farmers fields.

We were in it at the time and watched our large Bronco truck rocking back and forth like some boat on stormy seas, about the only thing we could see in the storm itself as the hail and rain blinded us from seeing much at all. I totally thought it was going to flip!

The one photo where you can see the porch and damaged siding, hubby had put the porch back for me as it had been flung 10 feet away. Chicken pen was ripped through, spreading our chickens out and the new coop we had been working on was totally flattened.

It took skirting off on 3 out of 4 sides and you can see down the one side where it had shoved our whole trailer over a couple of inches.

Nobody was hurt, and it was the closest to a tornado we have had here even though it was just a high speed wall of wind........we think.

It was sure scary but the important thing is that we are safe........ I sure am praying for all those who saw and experienced far worse Tuesday!


  1. Oh no! That is good that you were not hurt though.

  2. Wow.. sometimes we can't plan for these things. At least everyone is safe.