Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A ROUGH Week Indeed!

2 weeks ago was the scan results with my first chemo attempt at 2 weeks in a row, ( my very last post with the scan results.)

Mothers Day I woke up well as you can see in the photo, with a dental infection, looking like someone had punched me. Yes it was quite painful and in the time I waited for the hospital to call back, and hubby to get home, it swelled even worse than this photo shows that was taken first thing in the morning.

Being Sunday we had to go get the blood work anyhow, so after that was done, I checked myself into emergency. I was quite surprised when the doctor took one look at me and told me he would go check my blood work and if it was bad, no question about it, I was to be admitted! Luckily they came back fine and I was not running a fever. This gave us the costly option of coming back 2 more additional times beyond sitting there at the moment for antibiotic IVs into my arms. They also took some additional blood cultures.

Finally we were home to be able to go to bed at 2am, knowing my Mothers Day had not gone so well, our 12 year old daughter cleaned the whole kitchen for us to come home to on our last run!

I had no pain meds for this, as they kept trying to give me Tylenol based meds, which I am not suppose to take. Finally they gave me something else but was not available at the hospital. Come Monday morning when hubby went to fill my prescriptions for antibiotics ( got pills for 10 days after the IV antibiotics.) could not get the pain meds then either. Pharmacy told him it was too high a dosage and that they would have to special order it........ okay forget it!

After a debate, they decided I was still good for Chemo Tuesday which was great news although it was my daughters 12th birthday. I was asked to come in an hour early to work on declotting my stupid port again so they can get blood return.

4 1/2 hours later they got blood return after which they started chemo, all in all it made for an 8 hour day at  hospital. I was exhausted but came home and helped daughter make her special request for My little Pony rainbow cupcakes.

Wednesday we had to go in for the shot for my white blood cell boosting.

Thursday- Sore from shot, diarrhea starting , not feeling the best. Get a call to come back into the hospital for another blood culture. Either it was contaminated, or I had an infection in my blood system.  They wanted one culture from the port. Sticking me in the port for some reason really really hurt and then a burning sensation that did not go away. Dunno what that was about weird. Of course no blood return so stuck both arms for cultures instead.......I feel like a pin cushion some days! LOL
Also started getting a tingling feeling in both butt cheeks and behind the knees, where my legs did not want to support my weight and walking was getting difficult. My left arm was heavy and hard to lift.

Friday and Saturday was......well no way to put  it other than HELL. I was so weak,  could not form hamburger patties or dish ice cream up out of a bucket. Diarrhea was pretty bad but not bad enough for me to call the hospital. I drank a coconut water those days to help with staying hydrated and they seemed to make me feel better.

Also with my cheek so swollen I went 4 days without being able to eat any solids so was eating smoothies, yogurts, and stuff like that.

It hurt to talk, hurt to eat, hurt to move, no energy to move, easily out of breath and just BLAH.

But this has been the worse week I have ever had so really no complaints but I sure am glad it is over!

Here's to a better week!


  1. Sorry to hear you had a rough week. Wishing you brighter days ahead :)

    1. Thanks Terri, I still am really grateful though, one really bad week out of over 4 months of chemo now, I still feel really blessed that I really have not had too many side affects or problems compared to so many! I am feeling much better now :)

  2. I am praying you have a much better week this week, Carrie. And bless your daughter's heart, for cleaning the kitchen for you on Mother's Day. Cancer and treatment is hard on the kids, too.
    Take care,