Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This Weeks Highlights

I had a really rough ride between Mothers Day through the whole week with chemo sessions and dental infections. However this week brought

Another 2 week on $50 per person shopping trip, allowing each member to buy their own food on that amount. Everyone went and my daughter even announced she wanted to make healthier choices which she did!

Our Youngest Daughter had her 12th birthday party and she helped me make her special request My Little Pony Rainbow Cupcakes.

We had a wind storm ripping most the skirting off our trailer with us in it but we are okay.

Me and the kids set some goals for this week that we all want to get done before the weekend.

We lost power 6 hours after the wall of wind hit us, this lasted from 10pm to 3pm the next day in which we just sat having fascinating conversations, board games and then finally a special treat by all going to Tim Horton's for frozen yogurts, coffee and sweet treats. Power was back on by the time we got back.

Daughter learned she can download a free app called KIK on my kindle for text messaging. Yeah no more requests to buy her an expensive cell phone! WIN

Watched a sad video my daughter took of herself on her birthday by feeling so lonely since I was at hospital 8 hours! Poor thing! Good news is that we did come back to celebrate! LOL

Both kids learned how to mow the yard with a push mower!

While I was at hospital on Mothers Day, came home to find my daughter had cleaned the whole Kitchen.

We set up our bird feeding station and everyone has been learning what birds have been coming, they ask me because I know most of them but  I will  be downloading a field guide to my kindle fire just in case one stumps me.

Both kids have made a request for me to purchase them certain books, so will look into it ASAP!

So been pretty good all in all I would say! Hope your week has been going good as well!

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