Monday, February 16, 2015

Second Round of Chemo is Now Commencing

Pet Scan results confirmed what we knew, however it was not as bad as feared either. Previous treatments had quit working and scan results are showing a spread of the cancer again. It never really went away so I can not even really call it a recurrence. Of course the worst and most concern is my liver again, it always seems to be the liver! While this news pretty much all came right after my 2 year survivor date, we have high hopes that the new fight plan will work to give me another year, and perhaps another, and maybe another..........

The new fight plan was the decision to go to round 2 of chemo treatments, since I had my port removed due to it never working this left us with one choice.

Eribulin also known by trade name of Halaven which can be given through my veins and does not need a port. I had my first treatment last Wednesday and go again this Wednesday for second treatment. I takes about an hour so not bad at all and runs in a 2 weeks on, 1 week off protocol if blood work and liver functions are all good. If you would like to know the possible side effects you can read that HERE.

Personally I did experience nausea, smells really were hard to take, fatigue, headaches, light headiness and  lack of appetite.  The worst were the first 2 days but really it was not a bad first week at all. The hardest part is it inflamed my liver even worse than what it was making the pain so intense I could not even hardly breathe.  But so far I am feeling better every day tired or not :)

When we got here to Oregon December 9th I weighed 156 pounds. Now I am down to 138........something to keep an eye on for sure.

My diet is really not the healthiest because I do not want anything but I am eating yogurt, orange sherbet and apple sauce with an occasional something else thrown in like boiled eggs on toast or sandwich.

I was getting some amazing hikes in, but those all came to a halt when the tumor in my liver started causing too much pain. I hope I wont be down long because I love my mountain forest hikes, but at least I get to see them from my porch windows.

Now let this second round of chemo do some major damage! Can I get a NED perhaps? ( no evidence of disease)

Count your blessings, fill your cup with gratitude. LIFE IS GOOD!

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