Sunday, February 22, 2015

Second Chemo Treatment Cancelled

This week my second chemo treatment was cancelled after my blood work showed my immune system crashed. Hubby had even made a comment on the color of my blood they took as it was as close to black as you can get without actually being black!  So I had 2 things that dropped, one being my white blood cells and the other being what actually helps fight off bacteria and germs.

I was surprised simply because I had only had one chemo session and this crash was awfully quick. You expect it after a number of treatments but not usually after only one. I was told since I had been on chemo before back in 2013 that it can make me crash sooner. It could also be a sign that they have to reduce the strength of the chemo drug they are using on me.

This can be frustrating because what it means is, for one I have to get shots to boost my white blood cells and for two, a common cold can at best put me in ER and at the worst kill me. This means I have to stay out of highly public areas where germs are prone to be. Washing hands become a constant and you have to be telling well wishing visitors not to come if they have even a runny nose or cough.

Kind of makes you feel like Bubble Boy.

On the good side of the spectrum though, it means I am feeling good, the first treatment shrunk my tumor enough not to be causing constant pain from rubbing on my diaphragm and rib cage. My appetite is back so I gained the few pounds back I lost last week and smells are not sending me running to the bathroom. My chronic cough has improved immensely and I am not getting my involuntary muscle spasm hiccup thingy's that feels like someone was grabbing my tumor and squeezing it with all their might as it involved sharp intakes of gasping for air.

I am tired and get tired easily right now but that is to be expected and I can live with a smile with that right now!

I am rescheduled for another chemo appointment in 3 days so if I pass the blood tests I will get another treatment. I have high hopes for this round of treatment, each life extension they can give me for, is a reason in itself to celebrate and be full of gratitude.

Go after your dreams, don't let fear for one moment stop you, live in the moment, laugh, and love fiercely and live each moment to the fullest doing the things that cause you the most joy.

I am a 2 year survivor of Stage IV breast cancer, looking forward to turning that 2 into a 3!

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