Monday, February 23, 2015

7 Days Across America

End of November had us making the decision to sell everything we owned and move 3000 miles from Michigan to Oregon. The only experience we had of being out of Michigan was small trips to Wisconsin, Indiana and we tried to live one year in North Carolina. This was by far the biggest road trip of our lives and we made it longer by going a south ward route in order to avoid cold and bad weather as far as snow and ice go..

We went through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, North California and into South Oregon, our new home.  It was a trip of a life time, however it always seems far more fun in your head than when reality sets in! Our first stop was so our daughter could meet her online boyfriend (was at the time anyways) in Battle creek Michigan as we left our state. 

We had plenty of plans to stop  along the way but things came up that just did not allow for that. The biggest obstacle was discovering hubby is now night blind like me that almost ran us into a utility pole the first night. This drastically reduced our ability to drive being limited to only daylight hours as I have been night blind forever it seems like. 

We were able to stop at online friends houses along the way in Illinois and then again Oklahoma, which was incredible. We left 30 degree weather to be met with 60's once leaving Illinois for almost the entire trip which was amazing!  

It took 7 days to get to our new home and to say we were exhausted would be an understatement but the trip all in itself was an incredible learning experience. 

This post is long overdue as I am afraid I am not keeping up well here on the blog. But we are getting settled in finally and with warmer weather showing up, hope to be exploring our new home state. Of course it never really ever went under 45 here for winter temps for day time highs SWEET! 

Sorry this is a short post but thought I would give a quick update!  I will try harder and keeping you more up to date and talk about the learning happening! 

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