Monday, October 27, 2014

Introduction to LOA: Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is one of the simple universal laws that goes on the premises of that which you think, you manifest into your life. Thoughts are energy, the more energy you put into your thoughts, the quicker and more likely it is to manifest into your life. If you are putting most your energy into negative thoughts, the more negative circumstances you are drawing to your life. Thoughts are very powerful in nature, the more you feed it with not only the thought, but the emotions which are its fuel, the easier it is to manifest.

This does not mean that everythought you have will manifest into reality, yet the thoughts you give most of your energy to can and will manifest in some concrete form. If you spend most your time thinking about being poor and all the things you are lacking in your life, then the universe draws to you more opportunities for lack and poverty. At the same time, if you think about wanting more patience all the time, the universe does not automatically make you a patient person, yet it will create opportunities for you to learn patience from circumstances brought to you.

Knowing that the universe does not always manifest what we seek in concrete terms comes the adage of “be careful what you wish for.” What we think we want must be in clear terms as it may not be what we truly wanted because rarely does it manifest in a way we thought it would. Energy travels the path of least resistance so we must be detailed in our thoughts in our seeking a more full and abundant life. If we want prosperity for instance, you would not want that coming to you as an inheritance from a loved one, so be clear in your intent!

However knowing about the law of attraction can change your life forever for the better by becoming aware of and taking control of your thoughts. You may not be able to control every single thought you have but you can empower your self to deliberately pay more attention to the things you think about most. If you find yourself thinking in terms of negative thoughts, you can learn to start changing those thoughts into more positive thoughts by using positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are simple phrases used for things you are trying to attract into your life as if you already had it. Think about some things you would like to draw into your life, write an affirmation down for it and place these in areas of the house where you can see them on a regular basis. Say these affirmations to yourself, out loud if possible several times a day.

If you find yourself in a negative emotion, find ways to quickly turn those moods around. Watch a comedy, take a bubble bath, go for a walk or swim or go out to lunch with a friend. Anything you can do to change the negative mood into a positive mood will benefit your goal of working with the law of attraction to draw more positive events into your life.

Learning to not think about what it is you lack in your life but being grateful for the things you do have is another key to working with the law of attraction. The more things we have gratitude for, the more things the universe brings to us we have to be grateful for! Keep a gratitude journal and try to think of a few things on a daily basis you are grateful for. Write your thoughts of gratitude down and what being grateful means to you. The more we bring ourselves into being aware of all the things we are grateful for, the higher we raise our vibrational energy for the law of attraction to work in our lives.

The law of attraction is not picky; it simply brings more to our lives of what we spend all our energy thinking about whether good or bad. It is not biased by any degree and simply follows the like attracts like motto. If we spend our time in self pity thinking how poor we are or how chaotic our life is, the law of attraction will simply bring more of this into our life to keep us that way. Yet if we spend our energy thinking of how blessed we are, how spiritual we feel, how abundant we are, the law of attraction works yet again to bring us more of these things as well.

The law of attraction works on every level and aspect of our lives from our physical health, spirituality, material possessions. It can be used to enhance our life or keep us in ruins and despair. Which would you prefer?

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