Thursday, August 13, 2015

What has been happening in the Hetu household.....

Well for starters the co-housing really was not working out too good by end of the 6 months. My family just was not too happy sharing space with another family. So we decided to do something we had wanted to do for a long time, and explore Oregon through an extended camping trip. So we kicked off an Unschoolers weekend campout to start us off right.

Unfortunately this was a very short lived (I think a total of 5 days!) decision as unaware to me I had a brain tumor growing and had been growing for quite sometime. A silent killer it was, while they concentrated on my liver that had gone into shut down status for the second time, I never felt the brain tumor. I will say though a liver in bad shape is excruciating! By the time I thought "Wow, chemo brain does not usually happen 4 months into treatment, how odd!" I brought it up to my oncologist and she immediately scheduled a brain scan which revealed a 3 inch tumor in my left lobe that controls fine motor and speech.

All in a 2 week span I was reduced to being incontinent, unstable on my feet, no smell, and only able to utter "ummmmmm."  This was not only very scary but left us in a bit of a pickle as now basically we are homeless but a friend is letting us stay in a small studio while we seek help and look for a place.

We had to go back on food stamps, our only income is disability right now as hubby pretty much has had to become my full time care giver. We have sought help through Ucan and the local housing authority as well as gas for medical travel.

After 4 months of chemo, they had to stop that to put me on 15 days of radiation. I had 4 days in-between where I was able to go visit my lovely Niece on the coast in Northern California, about a 1 1/2 hour drive from where we are in southern Oregon. We camped 2 nights in the Redwood forest about 5 minutes from her house. Even though I could not talk much, and was incontinent, it was a lovely time! We walked on the beach, went to the marina, and a walk through the redwoods.

After the 15 days of radiation, I took a 10 day break and me and my family went on a fun but nightmarish trip to see online folk we have known for awhile but never met. I had no idea if I would ever get the chance again and I did not come to Oregon to die in grants pass! Never being out of Michigan, I really wanted / want to explore the West! We went up to Spokane Washington to see 2 lovely families and all would have been good if I had not lost my navigation skills. Since a child, I always navigated, well not so much, heck I could not even remember that expressway's went both ways! LOL Poor hubby, bless him for not killing me, we must have driven around lost more than anything else and talk about stress and anxiety! It was awful as far as driving went but amazing when reaching destinations.

The oncologist wasted no time scheduling appointments as soon as I got back and back to chemo I went, along with bone scans, CT scans ( liver/pelvic) and MRI (brain) which I just got all the results back from and it was all good news. Bone scans were clear, Liver tumor shrunk quite a bit and brain tumor shrunk by 2 cm in circumference and believed it will continue to shrink for awhile.

On top of it we hit record temps of triple digits that followed us from the day I started radiation, all the way pretty much to a few days ago!

Then on the 8th, we lost my sweet beautiful momma who words can not express what a survivor she was! It has been a really rough couple months but I am still dancing to a positive groove!

While all this goes on, I can not help to look around and see how blessed we truly are!

I do have a plan to raise us up though financially if it is in fates cards my health last long enough to do so! Stay tuned on those plans..........................

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