Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just Dance, Cooking, Sewing and Documentaries

Been a nice week with a very natural and pleasant flow going on, and here is a glimpse to what we have been up to!

TV shows:

4400-  an older series we had never heard of that Corin found for us and we all are enjoying!

Sleepy Hollow- New series on Fox that just started Shae Loves, Corin does not watch this one, just not her cup of tea,  the rest of us like it though!

Netflix Documentaries:

H. H. Holmes-  while a dark subject on this serial killer, it was a fascinating documentary on him

Corin watched one on Youtube about Wolves

Corin also spent a day of sewing dolls of different sizes and Daddy helping her drive around the yard a little bit and parking in our driveway. She does a really good job and has always loved doing this!

They both have been cooking this week, chili, peanut butter balls and barbecue sauce! The photo above is a raw foods Mango Mango Coconut Cream Pie with  Raspberry Frosting! Amazing!

Shae has also been reading his library books and talking about the invasion of Greece and such from World War II.

Of course there has been walking the dogs and dancing to Just Dance 4 too! Matter fact if you want a good laugh, go here to see Daddy creating his own dance for Corin to follow ( how many stars she can get, a good little competition.  Hilarious! You may want to subscribe to my channel there too as I will be trying to get a variety of videos up on a regular basis!

Math has been being done this week on the computer called Baggin the Dragon, I was going to do a few other activities with them, but ended up being sick for 2 days, but then the week is not over yet! :)

Of course there has been doing dishes and vacuuming as always.

My son does not like being photographed so you will most likely see a ton more photos of our daughter than our son.

I love when learning flows so naturally with a rhythm all it's own.  Some of the learning that would be considered life skills, others academic yet none of it separated from daily living. It is our living and what our days can look like.  It is a beautiful thing to watch, encourage and be a mentor in.