Sunday, September 16, 2012

Joining The Food Stamp/Snap Challenge

I will be joining the Food Stamp/Snap Challenge that starts tomorrow for the whole week that Katy from the Non Consumer Advocate is hosting as an awareness challenge.

Now if you go by the Snap Guidelines this allows for around $4 a person per day and for my family that would be $20 a day or $140 for the whole week. I don't usually spend $140 for any week and before I knew about the challenge, I pretty much spent my grocery amount for the the month which was $100..........the most I can muster up for this challenge would be $30.

Many joining the challenge have well stocked pantries and freezers which one thing I pointed out there was Low Income families generally do NOT have well stocked pantries and run on empty towards the end of the month. Remember my Before Shopping photos I shared back in February? How about my $2 dinner post, remember that one?    These are many times the reality of the working poor or low income households.

Also keep in mind the perspective that those who would have stocked pantries and freezers before disaster strikes deplete them. After job loss or whatever happened to change financial circumstances may be, they start using up their previous stockpile. As it dwindles and panic sets in, they apply for assistance. However many times they have no clue of the time it takes to get the Food Stamps/Snap started such as in my State is 45 days from the time you fill out the application and it gets approved. For many this means they run out of food way before the Food Stamps Kick in.

So keeping this in mind I decided I am joining the challenge from this perspective, while I do have some things already due to my first of the month shopping, it won't exist for the purpose of this challenge. Since all I have is the $30 I want to push myself to see how well I can feed my family of 5 for the entire week. My meals will consist of ONLY what I purchase on that small amount of money and I feel this is fitting considering many on Food Stamps/Snap report running out of money before the end of the month. Regardless of why they run out , is not up to us to Judge their food purchases as we do not know the story behind their purchase and financial choices.

With an all time high and America setting record highs now with 46 Million American Families now on Food Stamps/Snap it is a great time to bring awareness to the challenges of struggling households.
Hunger is a real issue, poverty is a real issue here in America, the numbers are staggering and growing each day. Minimum wage jobs are now not only for the teens and new to the workforce genres, but a real fact for many hard working Adult Americans with families to support.

It is my pleasure to join this challenge with so many others and bring a little awareness to the growing problems families are facing each day.