Monday, July 1, 2013

Don't Forget the Coconut Water

Everyone can benefit with summer upon us with "Mother Natures Sport Drink" aka Coconut water! For those who battle with dehydration issues such as those undergoing chemo or active in sports, or simply active outdoors in the summer heat!

Being easy to find ( I get pure 100% coconut water in the juice section of Walmarts) it is a wonderful thing to keep on hand. It is slightly pricey but 4 single serving boxes last me 2 weeks as I have 2 a week usually about day 2 and day 3 after chemo.

Coconut water is better at hydrating you than anything else available and usually you can start feeling the results almost immediately going from lethargic to perky. It is easy to digest, cholesterol free and has potassium levels comparable to 4 bananas.

If you have high potassium levels, than you would not want to drink coconut water, but for others the benefits are priceless.

I had a cancer survivor friend recommend it as it was the only thing that made her feel better after chemo treatments, and I am so glad she did! It certainly has become a regular item in my battling cancer diet!

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