Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back from being MIA

Well lets just say June was a blur for me after they had changed my chemo treatments and frankly that did not go well at all!

I was too weak to lift my legs to walk at all or arms even to type one sentence on a tablet, slept for 16 hour stretches, had all sorts of side effects complicating everything and several trips to ER. 

Now again they have changed my chemo treatments after getting my teeth pulled in between everything as the infections from dental were complicating EVERYTHING and am back on track  to  feeling better and being able to function!

So hopefully I will  be able to do  some regular posting for July!

Good news is, that we still managed to stay on track with our budget, using extra funds for the many extra trips to the hospital for gas without going over budget or getting behind in bills so happy success there!

I also managed to get a couple things growing in the garden before the chemo induced gout in my toes left me unwalkable! Not a lot but every little bit helps. I hope to  get a few quick growing things planted for July though such as green beans, zucchini and mustard greens!

Hope everyone had a wonderful June!

Any plans for July?