Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Plan Back Fired a Tad

After receiving chemo 2 weeks in a row for the second time almost 2 weeks ago, it was even worse than the first try at it. It certainly did not go too well and I had several  side effects that kept us running to the ER or unscheduled visits with my doctor.

I was way more fatigued than usual, staying in bed for 16 hours at a time, along with really no feeling in arms or legs making it impossible to walk or even type a single sentence........... I was weak, and my limbs seemed way to heavy to lift. I spent a good part of 5 days straight sleeping or in chair with leg rest not moving at all. Would get winded really really easy.

I had another dental infection flair up so was sent off to a dentist ( being on Medicaid this is not a simple task!) but he could do nothing for me due to a wisdom tooth that never came in that is still in the jaw bone. He wanted to send me to an oral surgeon however no local oral surgeon takes medicaid. This meant a drive to a city 2 or 3 hours away along with 2 visits! My team found someone closer that would not cause such a hardship on us and we went to see him,  he will do all but the one wisdom tooth but it is not the wisdom tooth causing the problems so that is good! I get them pulled Wednesday! YES! They also already put in the request for dentures as that can take months and months for medicaid to approve. For awhile the antibiotics was not working but finally the swelling drained 2  nights ago and swelling went down..........just trying to last until Wednesday Baby!

I experienced chemically induced gout in both my big toes. Red, inflamed and very painful!

My left arm swelled up so had an ultra sound on it to make sure no  blood clots.

Next day doctor noticed my left leg was swollen as well so ultra sound of  leg!

Have to go in Wednesday before dentist for more tests to find out why left side is swelling.

All in all while it knocked me for one heck of a loop, all of these were thankfully just minor side effects reminding me how truly alive I am and grateful  to be so!

I guess she not only was giving me my chemo 2 weeks in a row but had added stuff to it as well.

Now the plan is to back me off down to one chemo drug that I was initially responding too but I will have to go in weekly for it. But I will not have to go in the next day for the shots to boost white blood cells so that is terrific!

In good news I am feeling better and I got a little of my garden in...... 8 tomato plants, radishes, peas, beats and zucchini......WOOT!



  1. Carrie, I hope your dental appointment goes well and you are able to get some relief. Keep up the positive thoughts. They are good for you inside & out :) Hopefully they will approve your dentures sooner rather than later. Hoping each day finds you with more strength, courage, and love than the last. Take care.

    1. Thankyou Terri, now that June is over, teeth are gone and new chemo in place, I am feeling GREAT! Thankyou for your positive thoughts! :)