Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I really have never liked labels much as it seems my family never quite fit any one label entirely. If we do fit into a label, well it just never seems to fit for long. As we learn, research, grow and evolve, our minds expand into new views and paths change. Yet the labels seem to fix us to a spot in other peoples mind's as they do not grow with us, at the same time labels opens us up to more critique of others opinions, especially if they do not understand the label we use to describe ourselves. Preconceived images conjure up the opinions of how a label resonates with one and if they are not at the same vibrational level of expansion, labels seem to have a negative context for others.

Throughout the years I have blogged, have ran several sites but after a while I seem to take them down as we outgrow the label I used to base the context of the blog under. I get frustrated as labels seem to help others give definition to what it is we do, how we live, what our beliefs are, yet since we really do not fit any one label or it changes as we grow and change, it no longer seems to belong while others are basing opinions on the old labels we have given ourselves.

But then I thought, why really give it a label? Why give anything a label? Why can it not just be a free form life? Why can it not just BE? This is our life and how we roll, we change, we grow, we evolve, we adapt, we expand our minds, always changing, always progressing and just living life. It really does not make sense for me to give anything in our life a label as we lead a kind of abstract, free formed, modern life, it simply IS. It is our life and this is how we roll.

So this will be the context of this blog, our learning, our living, pure, simple with no labels to describe, just the simple honest truth of how we learn and live together side by side leading a life that reaches and stretches towards the dreams we each hold as individuals that makes up our wonderful family unit.

I hope you follow along and enjoy our life with us!