Saturday, December 24, 2011

Television Time Warp

One thing nice about Netflix is they offer a variety of movie and television viewing including some of the great shows of our past!

We will be taking a trip through time in television and getting a blast from the past to see how much television and the shows have changed so much over the years.

Remember Abbott and Castello, Jackie Gleason, Archie Bunker,The Greatest American Hero, Gilligians Island, and all those wonderful shows that had true family entertainment in mind? No Guts, No explicit sex scenes, just great comedy and good laughs!

It also will be nice to share some of my childhood favorites with my kids and perhaps they will not give me those blank eyed stares anymore because they have NO CLUE what I am talking about anymore!

Take a trip in time with us, what was your favorite shows as a child and what shows do you remember your parents loving when you were a kid?