Friday, January 20, 2012

Loving My Smart Mouthed Babes.......

My daughter is at that wonderful age where being requested (nicely of course) to take a bath is like telling her you are about to throw acid all over her. She hates the idea of a bath yet once she gets in the water.........she will be in there for hours playing!

Today I asked her if she would please go take a bath.............her response?

"NO! For all you know I plan on becoming a beggar!...............................I better get started NOW!"

How do you respond to that? Um gee honey way to set a goal that me and your dad just KNOW you won't fail at! You can achieve that, we know you can!

Make a mother proud!

A beggar! WOW, what a fabulous idea! You are on to something there!

Gee, If mommy and daddy set that goal at your age, we would feel so amazingly rich right now in a trailer living on $1200 a month! Wow we would be a huge success!

Do you need help finding a bridge to sleep under?

Should we cover you up tonight with newspapers to keep warm?

My what a high bar you have set for yourself!

I love how my kids have a sense of humor and are so quick to come up with something so witty even though it may be laced with serious dark sarcasm in a moments time. I have never been good at quick responses and it seems like both my youngest always have something humorous and quick to say.

I think knowing, while I may not agree with them, they have always felt free to state what is on their mind without fearing getting into any trouble for what they say, feel and think. This has certainly lended a hand in a very honest, and open relationship. While comments may be laced in sarcasm and humor, it is always known that love is it's basis with an honest approach.

Celebrating their personalities for the individuals they are, has allowed a free flowing sense of humor to emerge, a humor that is just as individual as they are, that show cases how they piece the world together. Both my son and my daughter are quick with responses based on their own personal life experiences and who they are as individuals. It is a beautiful thing to witness. I love the fact they are free to express themselves fully, developing their humor within with no restrictions.

Free expression is a lovely thing and developing humor can go a long ways in coping with the real world. I love watching my children's humor and self expression develop without any inhibitions that may suppress who they truly are, at some later time. It is blossoming naturally and freely, where the individual is unfolding where I get a glimpse of the larger picture of who they are and it is lovely and beautiful in it's entirety!