Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 12 Math Collage

Day 13 I had a lot of fun creating this Math Collage simply by printing things off I found useful or interesting to add to a large piece of poster board.

The Center Focal point of this collage is a times table grid and then the rest is decorated with optical illusions, directions for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and a few famous mathematicians with a brief bio of them as well. Included in the Mathematicians is Albert Einstein and some of his quotes, Fibonacci, Euclid and Isaac Newton.

Both kids found thought is was pretty cool and are enjoying it even though right after I hung it up and walked down the hall I heard my daughter shouting...."HEY! MOM A PICTURE IS MOVING!" haha

My son really loved the photos and brief bio's of the Mathematicians.

Also with our Periodic Table of Elements shower curtain it is now pretty funny that anytime someone goes to use the bathroom, they come out shouting what the symbol for this and that is!

To me it is creating these simple things, these precious little learning areas that present learning in fun and interesting ways that make it all worth while.

Truth be told, how often would you look at the Periodic Table or use it if presented only in a textbook?
On the shower curtain, you are looking at it and studying it many times in the course of a day!

The Math Collage only took about an hour or so to make including time to locate things online I wanted to print and use for it. Also it was FUN, I found it a very enjoyable activity that both children loved when it was finished. It not only has an interesting look appeal but has a practical use as well as a working collage with the fraction rules and multiplication grid that can be referenced throughout the day. Not only that but they get to keep fresh in their minds who the mathematicians behind it all were, when they were born and such.

My daughter now wants me to create one that is all on the optics and optical illusions..........

Another great idea added to my getting larger everyday list of ideas! LOL