Thursday, February 9, 2012

Haven't forgotten about the 365 Project!

Sorry I have been MIA and it appears I have given up and forgotten about our 365 Day Habitat for Learning Project.

While I know the idea behind this was to do something everyday, well sometimes plans don't gel the way we intended and we simply get DELAYED!

February of course brought Tax season which in itself means BUSY.

Taxes meant getting to do some long overdue shopping, spending more on groceries than we usually do, hubby getting jeans and work shoes that were desperately needed and the kids getting a few things we promised, one being a Kinect and 2 games for it. The Kinect is the first game system that has ever really interested our 10 year old daughter and it is perfect for the child who can not stand to sit still!

We have also been dealing with our daughter and hubby having some real nasty allergy issues in FEBRUARY! Corin's ears even turned bright red, itchy and swollen a few nights! I feel so bad for them with their sinuses acting up so bad, no clue what is sparky such strong allergies at this time of year!

We have also been making a lot of firsts like yogurt and making our own ice cream!

I have ordered a violin for Corin's birthday in May as she surprised me the other day with saying she would like to learn how to play violin! I also ordered a Chemistry set for our Son who has had a long time interest in it.

At any rate I will get to finish the decluttering this week for the 365 day project and on to the activities and creating the learning habitat!