Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Budget - $1100 expenses

Rent                               $475 paid
Propane                         $100 paid
Phone                            $75 paid
Electric                          $35 paid
Car Insurance               $120 paid
Car Payment                $180 paid
Gas for Car                  $100 paid (took $95 to fill up)
Netflix                         $12
Online                         $10
Groceries                    $113 paid  ( actual $147)

Total Expenses           $1100
Income                        $1400

Leaving $300 where $200 goes to investing  $100 to Emergency Fund

we took $1400 of our refund to throw into our checking account as this is our monthly income. This allowed me to sit down and write all the bills out today and go grocery shopping to get it all done at the beginning of the month. This will also allow us to always have the next month coming up income already in the bank by the first of each month.

As the money comes in through pay checks and other forms throughout the month I will put it all together so that at the end of the month it we will have April's $1400 deposited in the bank. This simplifies things so much for me rather than trying to deal with all the small amounts that come in throughout each month.