Monday, February 27, 2012

Time for a New Couch?

I am sure you have heard the recycle sayings of use it up, wear it out..........well we usually really really wear something out before it gets replaced! Soles of shoes flapping off your shoes to wear you are tripping all day, or toes sticking out the big hole, jeans full of holes or falling off you know.

Well this has been our couch over the past 2 months, a small rip in  the seam, which dear hubby did sew all up at one point but then our dog took to perching on the top of the couch to be able to see outside to guard our home. As a small pup she also had a liking for plucking the stuffing out of the hole which resulted finally of what you see in the photo! We throw a blanket over it during the day so all that stuffing is not finding it's way all around the house! This couch is is SAD shape!

I think it is wore out beyond repair as reupholstering really is not my thing! So we took all the stuffing out and put in garbage bags to save for filling  for our daughter's sewing projects..........she is making a teddy bear as I type. The couch also has a nice metal frame that will be easy enough to dismantle and put the metal frame into our scrap pile to turn in for scrap metal money.

Then off to the thrift store we went and I should know not to take hubby and kids with me but it really sounded like a good idea at the time. The idea was to select furniture that would actually seat all 5 of us without anyone (me and hubby EVERY NIGHT) on the floor when it is our last 2 hours of the night family TV time. (the only time of the day I watch TV and if I don't I can not get my mind to quit racing with ideas and will be up ALL night so I need this wind down time!

I had a full sized couch and a small love seat in mind and then hubby caught sight of a MAN chair! An over stuffed bulky thing with a huge ottoman to go with it! I swear he has never forgiven me for setting fire to his recliner several years ago which is another story all it's own but the point was I was sick of moving every year and while he worked it was my job to do every move with 2 babies and a small compact car for 6 years straight! This led me to have a bonfire and set fire to our furniture........easier than moving it no? His recliner was also very old, falling apart, no longer working properly, looked horrid and smelled even worse but........that was HIS MAN CHAIR so he was not happy!

I told him there was NO WAY it would fit in our small trailer along with 2 other pieces of furniture and we debated, playfully argued, and went back and forth until I gave in to his pouting and not at all practical purchase!

So we settled on 2 small love seats and his stupid man chair and spent $200 in total with a $5 delivery charge, which I really do not think is too bad for well made, in great shape furniture.

Did it all fit? Well yeah but looks awful as it is now comfortable but so so so crowded now and the living room seems crammed packed to the hilt! His man chair cost $60 and I do really think I should of saved that $60 but he is a hard man to refuse with his brown puppy dog eyes. I told him I think he needs to look for a better paying job so we can move to a place that has a larger living room now! HA HA like THAT would happen!

This is actually the first time I EVER went to pick out any furniture so was a really new and fun experience for me and I was torn between 3 love seats so the kids had a deciding vote after that sat in every one to try out how they felt and one I was thinking about they both turned down flat.

I must admit is is nice to have comfortable seating off the cold and drafty trailer floor and it was nice not to have to spend too much. I am actually looking forward to sitting down and watching Alcatraz in my spot I already claimed tonight with a nice cup of hot green tea!