Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Review: Catch Fire How to Ignite Your Own Economy

I recently ordered this book to add to my financial library and quickly read it in 2 days. The first couple chapters really grabbed me, I mean this author blew himself up and lived to tell about it! Remarkable story! He also has a great sense of humor about it and the way he tells it.

One thing I will say is that the self promotion of his website and Catch Fire University is extremely overdone and gets highly annoying, all the self promotion could of easy filled a chapter or 2 where he just gives small examples, not really explaining much and just saying this is what we teach at Catch Fire University!

Yet he does have some interesting perspectives on true Financial Freedom, ongoing cash flows and how the 401K is a Hoax.

He also has some useful exercises in the book  and tips about how to spread your income out over 6 accounts.

The best part about this book is at the end he has an Other Contributor section that goes over protecting your assets, health and relationships which is very informative.

While he over promotes himself to an annoying point, I still would recommend this for a financial library addition for the information in between all the self promotion.