Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Expense Breakdown

Okay I admitt I was not logging expenses and really slacked off on it just being a way way busy month. Usually I track every cent but january and february for some reason I let it slide.

So best as I can from what I can remember

Groceries       hack hack gag gag going to get sick now........$750

Eating out/pizza                                                                  $250

Car repairs                                                                        $1,000

Vet  (dog and cat and includes all shots and spaying)          $700

Gas for car                                                                        $130

Educational Curriculum                                                      $230

B-day gifts ( 2 kids one in april one in may)                       $230

Rent                                                                                 $475

Propane                                                                           $130

Electric                                                                             $35

Phone                                                                              $75

online                                                                               $10

Netflix                                                                             $12

Craft supplies for daughter                                              $120

Movies to add to our home movie collection                   $100          ( I know I know BAD)

Tent                                                                              $80

Date night ( first one in a YEAR)                                   $500

Furniture (couches)                                                       $220

Investing                                                                        $200

Emergency Fund                                                          $400

Other funds  and goals    savings                                 $400

Thats about all I can remember, shocking I know and quite disgusting not at all like me for spending but a few things that really needed tending to got taken care of like car repairs and animals getting spayed which is a MUST.

And no, I am not going to total  all that up,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am going to go run and sink into denial! DENY DENY DENY!