Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Possum Living: Book Review

Possum Living was written by Dolly Freed who at the time she wrote it, was only 18 years old with a 7th grade education.

I personally have read this book 3 times, highlighting areas the third time around and am getting ready to read it a 4rth time.

It is a great read with a quirky and sarcastic refreshing sense of humor filled with practical ways of living on less. 

This book is actually where I got the idea of buying whole wheat to use as a hot cereal.

Granted some of what she writes is a shocking pay no attention to laws, however there is an Afterword at the end of the book she wrote 30 years later saying how she now sees how some of her dad's leanings may of been somewhat "wrong".

It is most definitely a book that gets you to think and contemplate your own lifestyle and how you may reduce some of the unnecessary "clutter" using a Diogenes philosophy.

A book any frugalist would want in their personal library!