Thursday, March 8, 2012

Take Three Challenge Update

Battling the Flu so forgive the really short post!

  • Try to earn $300 extra this month    Not so much yet, company and flu slowing me down
  • add to my sealed jar weekly Yes added $10 this week
  • shoot for 23 no spend days 3 no spend days so far

De-cluttering: NONE company and flu again slowing me down
  • Area where washer and dryer should be
  • bathroom cupboards
  • junk drawers in kitchen
  • cut smoking down to 10 a day by 4rth week Reduced by half, down to 15 a day
  • walk 2 miles at a time 3 times a week twice, colder and rainy weather stopped the 3rd
  • read book on buying pre-forclosure properties and finish book Growing up Global  half way through both