Saturday, March 3, 2012

What We Are Eating This Week

Okay I usually do not do menus , I like the freedom to create on any given days and is not unusual for me to irritate my kids as they keep asking all day what I am making for dinner. Finally around 4pm when it is time to start dinner, I finally know what it is I want to make, even if I do not have a name for it yet! LOL. I have worked this way a long time and there are times when somebody will make a comment about a long ago meal and I realize  I have not made that for over 10 years, sometimes 20!
There are some recipes I have only made once and never again repeat it, not because it was awful but because we thrive on variety. If something gets served twice in the same week, it means war and the family rebels!

But thought it would be fun to see if I could at least plan out 1 week of March

So Thursday March 1
breakfast- peanut butter and toast
lunch-  liverwurst sandwhiches
dinner- Chicken and Green Pepper Fajitas

Friday March 2  was

breakfast- bananas and cream and dish of applesauce
lunch- ramen
dinner-  black bean chili and corn bread

Saturday March 3

breakfast- strawberries and bananas and cream
lunch- waffles
dinner- pizza delivery ( Adult daughter paying for out of her money for the fam,   not me!)

Sunday March 4

breakfast- sausage and eggs
lunch- biscuits and honey
dinner- left over blackbean chili  and salads (hubby brought home from work for free)

Monday March 5

breakfast- whole wheat hot cereal
lunch- peanut butter and jelly
dinner- taco night

Tuesday March 6

breakfast- oatmeal
lunch- fruit  (oranges , grapes, dried banana chips and tomato juice)
dinner- Spaghettie and homemade bread

Wednesday March 7

breakfast- waffles
lunch- ramen
dinner- chili 

This is what it looks like for 7 days anyway whether I actually follow this or not, not sure , depends on the day! LOL