Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Grocery List #1 = $130


3 gallons 2% milk
cottage cheese
american cheese slices
18 count eggs
8 oz block mild cheddar cheese
2 boxes of quartered margerine


Ham with Bone ( on sale at 98 cents a pound)
2 lb ground Turkey
1 pkg bacon
5 lb pkg boneless skinless chicken breasts
pkg of 12 chicken drumsticks ( on sale )
2 pkg hot dogs

large pkg bologna

Cereals and Grains

Large Bag Store Brand Frosted shredded wheats
store brand raisin bran
Quaker Cinnamon Life

2 loaves bread
2 pkg hot dog buns
2 pkg hamburger buns

2 bags Brown Rice ( about 4 lbs together)
dried peas

Canned Goods

36 count box Ramen noodles
4 lb peanut butter
spaghetti sauce
Miracle whip
2 small cans Manwich Sauce
2 cans cranberry sauce
2 cans Tuna

2 bags Dorito chips

Paper and Personal

12 double rolls toilet paper
bottle of suave conditioner
bottle of suave shampoo


6 cans soft cat food ( 30 cents a can)
bag of cat food                                          (cat will not eat homestyle diet)


2 pkg french style green beans
1 bag broccoli
1 OJ

Fresh Produce

Pink Grapefruit
3 tomatos
head of ice burg lettuce ( 98 cents on sale)
10# white potatos