Friday, April 20, 2012

Our $150 Dinner

For some reason, I always felt the day we went out and spent $150 on one meal, it would be one of the most luxurious moments of my life. A memorable moment when I put on a fancy dress, got my hair and nails done, and made a reservation at a fine five star restaurant.  Anyone that knows me knows I have not worn a dress or make up in 20 years! I have never had my nails done and I have never eaten anywhere that required reservations. So yeah a total fantasy and for now I suppose it is to remain just that.....a fantasy!

No, our $150 dinner consisted of me and hubby going out and paying $15 a piece for our restricted fishing license ( means we can not keep trout or salmon although I may upgrade for that later this year.....)

Then added to our $30 for license was $80 for 4 fishing poles ( for me, hubby and our 2 youngest kids)  This all prompted our adult daughter to get her $15 license and a $20 pole.

We then spent 3 days fishing over last weekend in order to catch 10 fish, 8 of them being pan fish ( sun fish and bluegills) and 2 rock bass.

Add 2 days of cleaning those we caught them over the 3 day period! I also had to show hubby how to clean fish! He has NEVER had to clean fish, he is catch and release type of guy who gets sad at the thought of killing fish. He got frustrated as his rock bass went flying out of his grip and onto the kitchen floor! "How do you keep a grip on them!"  By the time he was done cleaning his one and only fish out of the 10 he had cuts and nicks on his hands from the fins he he.

I was exhausted by all this activity  ( it was also my job to help our 2 younger kids and my adult daughter who are all very inexperienced at casting and fishing so um yeah lots of tree and bush entanglements to deal with or fish to take off hooks)

If a fish swallows a hook too deeply, that is also my job as hubby can not handle taking it out, I know, I know I really married a true city boy!

Anyone who knows anything about fishing also knows that pan fish really do not have a whole lot of meat on them so 10 fish was enough to make a combined almost stir fry kind of meal mixing the cooked fish with rice and Lima beans and

That was our $150 meal!  Cooked fish mixed with rice , Lima beans and a few seasonings!

Now the one nice thing is that it is early in the season, so every time we catch enough to make a meal, the cost per meal will go down and hopefully will pay off enough to actually start providing free meals through out the rest of spring and throughout summer!

Here's to some quality family time and free meals coming up!