Thursday, June 28, 2012

End of June

End of June is coming in hot as blazes for sure and we could really use some rain! Nothing like a good lightening storm to get rockin growth in the garden, an amazing instant transformation!

The last couple of months has had me really struggling with goals, I kind of went into just automatic drifting mode of just getting stuff done. While I do not mind puttering in the garden, tending to chickens and cooking delicous meals, it has been bothering me that I seem to be struggling in the goal department. Without goals forward momentum ceases and can get you stuck in a daily routine that stagnates and goes nowhere but surviving on a daily basis. No good!

So these last couple of days of June will have me planning out July and see what we can do for some attainable goals. I have already figured out a July budget based on if we DO NOT lose any income for the month. I am truly hoping it does not decrease until August. To be safe I will need to do another budget in case of a decrease in income. Considering I have a few bills I need to play catch up on, that would be extremly difficult to do so best to plan and hope for the best case scenerio.

I will also be using Frugal Farmers Roadmap for Self Reliant Journey Checklist as a guideline for working out my plans and goals for July.

Sometimes I think I struggle with goals because I tend to come up with opposite polars that conflict in our true desires of what we want and where we want to go. This can have me unsure as to what direction to head into so leaves goals best left alone. In the end though, I know we need them to continue a forward and upward momentum.

Happy July Planning!