Saturday, June 16, 2012

Update on our Growing Family

First let me say thankyou to everyone who has donated, it has meant a lot as no mother likes the thought of her child going without food in their bellys or a roof over their heads.

Someone from Wish Upon a Hero pointed out greyhound buses would be so much cheaper than trying to feed our beast in gas which I stupidly never even thought of.

To be honest it never even crossed my mind that my tiny rural town had a bus station! But what do you know it does!

He has a place he can sleep tonight and will be boarding the bus tomorrow afternoon as his bus station is just down the road from where he will be sleeping tonight! Now that is what I call working out!

So he will be on his way home and be here tomorrow evening in time for a good dinner in his stomach. This is really exciting to me as we have not heard from this son in a long long time while he has been a little "lost" and searching for something but finally reached out to family.....I have really missed him but accepted that when he was ready he would get in contact with us. Sometimes letting them spread their wings can be really hard.

So in time for our monthly income to decrease LOL our family of 5 is growing to 6 again, at least for awhile until he can get work and get on his feet. He has been the missing piece that we are glad will once again be whole.

My Dad has offered to pay for the ticket, so I will be kindly returning any donations that have been sent, but I truly thank all those who were trying to help and extended their generosity to us. He is in pretty extreme circumstances so it could not of waited another 9 days to get him home. I will be removing the donation post as well now that it is no longer needed.

Blessings to you and yours