Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Darn Squash Bores

So yesterday after my post, I went on a nice slow thinking walk for 2 1/2 miles to clear my head and collect my thoughts.

After coming back I decided to tackle the garden and see what was up with the vining plants all turning yellow and wilting...........HUGE infestation of those stupid stupid squash bores..........anything vining was a total lost and me and hubby spent most the evening feeding the pesky little grubs to the thankful chickens while our stomachs turned.

Yes there are chemicals for this sort of thing but even though our commercial farmer gases us out , I do try to do things as organic as possible.

I should of been inspecting more closely......although since there is a bee farmer somewhere in the area, the swarm of honey bees on my squash and pumpkin plants was NOT having me get up close and personal with my plants! You see me and bees do not get along........not that I have any irrational fear of them or sir it is completely rational.

I may give off some sort of pheromone that just ticks bees off.......I have already been stung 3 times so far this summer and I am positive there will be more. You see if I open a door, do not even step out yet I am getting nailed in the face.

If we stop for gas one comes in the window as soon as we stop and nails me in the FACE.

If I am minding my own business peeing on a toilet, the lone bee that managed to find it's way in the house nails me in my FACE.

One time I pointed out a cute  bumblebee to my daughter and as soon as I called the bugger cute, he actually cocked his head up at me ( I swear a true story, he cocked his head!) you could almost hear him say "You called me WHAT?" and then proceeded to chase me across the whole park!

They hate me!

So anyways it was sickening, here it was a little over a week ago I gave myself second degree burns on my back weeding out the garden, and been working so hard in it and lost all my pumpkins, acorn squash, zucchini, spaghetti squash and yellow crook necks! AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH

My fault no excuses, but makes me so ill! I was really counting on those items!

I did find a few good pieces and trying to re-root them and everything else we pulled up and burned but not positive re-rooting will be successful!

The potato's, tomato's, collards , cukes and watermelon seem to be doing good though along with the kohlrabi and green beans so at least we will have those........gonna go to Walmarts to see if they may have a few seed packs left to plant now for a few fall things like carrots and peas........


Sigh oh well we live to learn another day right?

Hope your garden is doing better!