Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mid-July Check In

At the beginning of the month I posted my goals so thought I would check in and tell ya all how I am doing with those..........just to let you know there has been a serious lack of posts this week due to a severe sunburn on my back! ( severe putting it very mildly)

but anyhow here were the goals and where I am at right now with those.

Go Stoveless-  Epic Fail

Pay utilities up to date = Paid half the phone bill so far........will pay the other half next week

Pay the extra needed to get a propane delivery for propane tank- gets done next monday (not tomorrow)

Spend $80 this month for groceries ( not sure if I can do this or not but will be a FUN challenge!)

Purchase one Christmas gift Done and actually purchased two, one for each younger child.

Earn an extra $200 this month Not even close, the month is not over yet though so maybe?

Save $50   Hoping to do this on next pay day!

So yeah not too great, will get the utilities paid and propane this month plus ordered 2 Christmas presents, the rest is pretty iffy as of yet.

How you doing on your goals this month?