Monday, July 9, 2012

What I Would Tell Myself Going Back In Time

Book_Lover from Australia asked an excellent question of "What I would Tell Myself  Prior to Hubby having His Heart Attacks.

I think this is a great question, one many people contemplate and some may even dwell on how they would change their past with what they know now. To be honest however, my reply here is that I would tell myself NOTHING and here is why.

  • Without mistakes, one can not learn........if we had not of been making mistakes, there would of been no reason for change.
  • Hardship tests limitations and breaks you free from limited limitations you place on yourself when things are going good.
  • Hard times can bring you closer together when you truly lean on your spouse for support and they are supportive and needing support back.
  • I have had several cycles of poverty in my life from the time I was a child, I have learned life runs in up and down cycles.......this shall pass.
  • Hubby comes from a very different background than me and actually needed the way this all unfolded to get on the same page as me and to change some life threatening bad habits to restore health.
  • Hard cycles, not only bring out the creativity in us, but the dreamer in us as well that lend to high motivation for change.
  • While there is room for improvement, our life is not by any means what I would consider "Bad"
  • There has to be a reason for change in order to be willing to change.
  • Everything has happened exactly how it was meant to happen to bring growth and unexpected opportunities, while doors may shut, new ones always open!
  • I have learned so much and became so much more disciplined in the last couple years that never would of happened if things would of gone differently.

and lastly...........HARDSHIPS BUILDS CHARACTER...........strong character backed by courage, strength and why would I have it unfold any other way than how it did?

Everything happened exactly how it was meant to and is perfect......  :)