Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Grocery List #1 = $260

I actually broke this up into 2 days and it is a little on the high side because I wanted to concentrate on purchasing meat, which I do not usually buy a whole lot of.

3 gallons milk
2 1/2 doz eggs
4 lbs butter
2    8oz blocks cheddar cheese
Large tub of sour cream


Butt Pork Roast ( reduced sticker on it)
Large Frozen Wild Caught Salmon Side
10 lbs skinless boneless chicken breasts
4 pkgs hot dogs
4lb bag of Talapia Fish Fillets
Bag of breaded Catfish
Large roll of hamburger
large roll pork sausage

2 boxes generic corn flakes
large canister of oats


Brown Rice
5lbs white flour
10 lbs white sugar
gallon white vinegar
dill seed
mustard seed
dried onion flakes
prepared minced garlic
miracle whip
2 large cans of generic coffee
Small jar peanut butter
jar yeast
2 Ranch dressing
Corn Meal
Vegetable Oil
2 cans hot dog chili sauce ( .50cents a can)
Worchesire Sauce
12 chicken Ramen
12 Beef Ramen

5 loaves white bread
4 pkg  tortilla shells
3 Hamburger Buns
2 hotdog buns

Fresh Produce

Large Cantalope
fresh pineapple
20 lbs white potatos
bag yellow onions

Paper Personal and Pet

3 rolls  of 1000 sheets toilet paper singles
3 lb bag of cat food
After shave
Large bag Charcoal (for grilling)