Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Time

Have you seen this movie yet? This is one movie that I can relate to so well that I can watch over and over and over ( I am usually a watch it  once, then not again for 10 years until I forget the movie type!)

I love this movie as it is such an accurate portrayal of how different the two worlds between the poor and rich can be.

For those who have not seen this movie it basically is about your life minutes that starts at a certain age shows up as a tattoo on your arm. You will be this age as long as you can keep getting minutes added to your time, or you die when it times out. You pay for things by scanning your arm, such as a cup of coffee is worth 15 minutes of your life. Your paycheck from your job, adds minutes to your life.

One one hand, the wealthy stay shut off from the poor sector to stay blind to what that world is like. The own everything, run everything and have accumulated so many life minutes they will stay 20 for a million years or more. They are not in a hurry, the have extravagant parties, go about life in a leisurely fashion, enjoying the fine things life has to offer knowing that they have virtually forever to live and no worries about paying for needs.

The poor sector is a whole other world where murder happens just to buy 1 or 2 more days to live, where  everyone has to run at their fastest possible pace to make it to the next place to get another 15 minutes to 3 days added to their clock. Walking is not an option, adrenaline is always high, stress almost unbearable, doing whatever it takes not to time out at way too young of an age.

There is no time for pause, reflection or planning. Just sheer survival of the moment actions to get just one more day and then to share what you can with the others you love to buy them an extra few minutes. Always trying to trust and have faith your running can make it to that next meal ticket before your time clocks out, always living just in the moment, never for the future because in this world, it is the moment that counts if you are to survive to the next moment. Running, always running, screaming, senses heightened, trying to maintain a little integrity in the process and not resorting to the criminal aspects so many of your neighbors have turned to all in the name of survival.