Friday, December 14, 2012

$26 Gifting Purchase

I am actually pretty excited about this Christmas gift purchase, especially since last Christmas we had zero money for the holidays. A very kind stranger who read my blog last year, actually sent the kids a package with a few very thoughtful very appreciated gifts for the kids.

Even when money is tight I try really hard to find ways to get something the kids have really been wanting.

This year my son wanted a New Release Zombie book that came out that is a series from his favorite author. My daughter wanted a digital camcorder as she is really big into taking videos and editing them.

My adult son needed black pants for his new job, and they would not wait until his first paycheck.

I wanted to get a new board game for family time as a family gift. I ended up getting one called "Would You Rather?"

So I got

Digital Video Camera   $60
Zombie Book                $13
Work Pants                   $10
Board Game                 $20

All I paid from out of pocket was $26! 


Here is how, the camera was normally a $60 camera I got on a 40% off sale for $20
The addition of the book qualified the order for free shipping!

With swag bucks I had earned $10 in gift cards to apply to the order

Hubby had won employee of the month that came with a $25 visa gift card that purchased the pants and board game at Walmarts!

Ta Da! Very Happy!