Thursday, December 13, 2012

Menu for 12/12 thru 12/19

I created my last menu prior to going shopping, using frugal ethnic dishes for a weeks worth of time. I had $480 to work with this month and while there not only bought things for the week's menu but bulk shopped for flour, sugar, coffee, peanut butter, maple syrup, rice, oats, coco wheat's ,canned tomato's and such.
Then I looked at reduced priced meats and got a ham on sale along with 2 pork loin roasts. I still have a turkey in the freezer and I bought a few ground beef rolls.

I went yesterday on a second trip and again found reduced price meats for pork chops, ground pork, and steaks and have a full freezer.

So now the rest of my menu's for the month will be based off of what I already have in the house.

I will not post breakfast and lunches here as they will be hot cereals, muffins, quick breads, fruits and veggies, things like that.

Wednesday December 12

Homemade pizza ( everything about it homemade from crust to sauce)

Thursday December 13


Friday, December 14

grilled cheese with tomato soup

Saturday, December 15

Steaks with baked potato's, sour cream and green onions, garlicky carrots

Sunday, December 16


Monday, December 17

Stir Fry with homemade bread

Tuesday, December 18

porcupine meatballs, mashed potato's and gingered carrots with wholewheat biscuits

Wednesday, December 19

Chicken casserole, corn bread