Monday, February 4, 2013

28 a Week

In the Anti-Cancer A New Way of Life book, he talks about how woman who ate at least 27 veggies and fruits a week did much better than woman who ate far less. Variety was also a big key to success here. With some interesting notes, he also addressed the fact that in most cases cooking did not harm the anti cancer properties of these foods. Broccoli and Cauliflower were an exception where they should be lightly sauteed and not boiled. Tomato's however needed to be sauteed in olive oil to bring out their beneficial properties.

In looking at this I rounded it up to 28 a week, which would be 14 veggies and 14 fruits. This  breaks it down to 4 a day which means for me it should be 2 types of fruit a day and 2 types of veggies. This is what I have been striving for and giving a good mixture of raw and cooked foods. When you break it down like this, it seems quite manageable yet in the past I was not eating nearly this amount on a daily basis.

Each type of food we put in our body has the ability to either heal and strengthen our body, keeping it healthy and strong, or it has the power to decrease our health and weaken our whole system. Americans do not typically pay much attention to the foods we consume, nor where it comes from or even if it is real food or synthetic chemicals. I think this needs to change and could be a real key indicator of why so many young people are facing life threatening illnesses in our modern world.

For my family at this point, 28 a week is our new motto

Do you eat at least 28 a week, more or less than that number? is it an even blend of fruits and vegetables?



  1. No,of course I dont. I just dont have much of an appetite the last few years. One thing I try to do once in a while is roast pieces of carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, and turnips (rutabagas) in the oven. They get caramelized and are quite tasty. I don't like most beans, so that is out. You could try pomegranate juice. That is very rich in antioxidants. I cant remember if you eat beef, but Pom juice in beef stew or lamb stew is really good. Ann

  2. I try for the 5 a day that I hear about so much. But most days it's closer to 4 or maybe even 3. We eat more fruits and vegetables in summer, when the garden is producing.

    I do keep a large container of carrot sticks in the fridge to snack on. Then at dinner, if I need an extra vegetable, I can roast them in the oven. Or, if the lunches for the next day look a bit on the lean side, I can add carrot sticks to the plates, or brown bags.

    That's interesting about the women who did eat more fruits and veggies actually did better than the ones who didn't. I think western culture is all messed up where diet is concerned.